Germinating: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Nov 26, 2008 - 101 pages
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Use in Literature GellingWhy, what gel do you think? They aint growin' on rose bushes or old willows round here, so far as I've seen.ndash;Ralph Connor in The Prospector.Ah, It's an awsome mission I'm goin' on; there ain't no gels to be got of the old kind, as far as I can make out.ndash;Marie Corelli in Innocent.The Lord forbid that I should run down my own flesh and blood! An' she's better than most gels of her age.ndash;Marie Corelli in Innocent.Any gel marry sailor, she's crazy fool! Your mo'der she tal you same tang if she vas alive.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.But not here now. Dis ain't good place for young gel, anyway.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.He gat new gel in every port, you know dat.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.Ven she vas little gel, Ay vas bo'sun on vindjammer. Ay never gat home only few time dem year.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.What you tank she look like, Marthy? Ay bet you she's fine, good, strong gel, pooty like hell! Living on farm made her like dat.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.You know, Marthy, Ay've tole you Ay don't see my Anna since she vas little gel in Sveden five year ole.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.You rest all you want, py yiminy! You don't never have to vork as nurse gel no more.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in Anna Christie.

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