Geschichte des englischen deismus

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J.G. Cotta, 1841 - Deism - 488 pages
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Page 476 - In a creature capable of forming general notions of things, not only the outward beings which offer themselves to the sense are the objects of the affection, but the very actions themselves, and the affections of pity, kindness, gratitude, and their contraries, being brought into the mind by reflection, become objects.
Page 89 - God, who is always one and the same, was the person represented by Moses; the person represented by his Son incarnate; and the person represented by the apostles. As represented by the apostles, the Holy Spirit by which they spake is God...
Page 78 - For these words of good, evil, and contemptible, are ever used with relation to the person that useth them: there being nothing simply and absolutely so; nor any common rule of good and evil, to be taken from the nature of the objects themselves...
Page 126 - A declaration of that paradox, or thesis, that self-homicide is not so naturally sin that it may never be otherwise.
Page 115 - Anima Mundi: or an historical narration of the opinions of the ancients concerning man's soul after this life: according to unenlightened nature.
Page 104 - For he that thence, as from the Devil's Mountain, should have looked upon the world and observed the actions of men, especially in England, might have had a prospect of all kinds of injustice, and of all kinds of folly, that the world could afford, and how they were produced by their hypocrisy and self-conceit, whereof the one is double iniquity, and the other double folly.
Page 33 - Les païsans simples sont honnestes gents ; et honnestes gents, les philosophes, ou, selon que nostre temps les nomme, des natures fortes et claires, enrichies d'une large instruction de sciences utiles : les mestis, qui ont desdaigné le premier...
Page 18 - De speranda œterna salute tantum in nomine Christi. SUNT et illi anathematizandi, qui dicere audent unumquemque in lege aut secta quam profitetur esse servandum, modo juxta illam et lumen naturae accurate vixerit; cum Sacrae Literae tantum Jesu Christi nomen praedicent, in quo salvos fieri homines oporteat. XIX. De Ecclesia. ECCLESIA Christi visibilis est coetus fidelium, in quo verbum Dei purum praedicatur,' et Sacramenta, quoad ea quae necessario exigantur, juxta Christi institutum recte administrantur.
Page 477 - ... help it, and find of necessity we must be so, whether we will or not. Even the highest implicit faith is in reality no more than a kind of passive scepticism ; " a resolution to examine, recollect, consider, or hear as little as possible to the prejudice of that belief, which having once espoused we are ever afterwards afraid to lose.
Page 33 - Les mestis qui ont dédaigné le premier siège d'ignorance de lettres, et n'ont peu joindre l'autre (le cul entre deux selles, desquels je suis, et tant d'autres), sont dangereux, ineptes, importuns ; ceux icy troublent le monde.

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