Get Behind Me Satan

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Xulon Press, 2009 - Fiction - 392 pages
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John Christian, his family and circle of friends lived just a couple of weeks before the Rapture and didn't know it neither did Satan. The battle of ideas between the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood raged to the limit. Angles and demons influenced the characters, through spiritual warfare, to choose between right and wrong. When the Rapture occurred, some of the characters, who walked the narrow path, graduated to the heavenly scene. While those who walked the wide path went to the underworld and awaited Judgment, or stayed behind to face the Tribulation. John and the Believers watched, from the balcony of Heaven, the fulfillment of the book of Revelation. In a Tribulation, seven years of a continuous Halloween on earth, Satan tricked people and didn't offer any treats. Meanwhile, in Heaven, the Believers went through the Jesus Rewards program, a Cosmic battle, a Wedding, and a Supper. Finally, the Great Tribulation ended when 666 ran into 777 at Armageddon. The three groups then lived out their new environments to one of two final destinations determined by which side they took, God or Satan. Those who were like wheat, ended up in Heaven. Those who were like tares, ended up in Hell. Find out who goes where. Mike Yousif, was born a Christian in Iraq. He immigrated to the US thirty years ago when he was a teenager. He received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan in 1985. After he was born again, the Holy Spirit guided him in researching the book of Revelation and inspired him to write this End-times novel. His Bible-based novel reveals how to break down Satan's game plan to confuse and intimidate us as we live on Earth. He lives with his wife and son in Northern California.

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This novel is a story about Christians living at a time when Satan is leading the world to choke off Christianity (the obstacles Christians are facing these days). The author shows how Satan and his army work behind the scenes to accomplish this and to set the stage for the end of the world. It's as if the author has gone undercover inside the kingdom of darkness' meetings and exposed how they plot against us.
The stories are fast-paced and action-packed and revolve around realistic characters. The author gives many scenarios of how demons influence the characters' thinking process by putting ideas in their minds and steering them in the wrong direction to promote sinful acts. At the same time, the Holy Spirit and the angels are looking out for them, protecting them, and alerting them to the pitfalls that Satan puts ahead of them. I will definitely examine my thinking process and be on guard from now on.
Then, some of the characters died and went to Hell and the author explains the stages they go through before they get to their final judgment. While the other characters were raptured and went to heaven and they find out what's happening on earth without being there to witness the horrible tribulation. What's unique about this novel is that the author explains the events recorded in the book of revelation from heaven's vantage point in an easy to follow story line.
The author has really captured the end times that causes the reader to read more of the Bible. I love the way scripture is woven into the story line which makes it interesting.
If you are already a Christian you will really enjoy this book, and perhaps learn a few things about the kingdom of darkness in the process. If you are not a Christian, you will still enjoy reading this book, and who knows, maybe it will spark your interest in the Word.
To sum up, this book can be a great help for people to battle our invisible enemy. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is concerned about their eternal life.


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