Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford

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Cosimo, Inc., Dec 1, 2005 - Fiction - 460 pages
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The arrival of Mrs. Wallingford set upon a much higher plane her husband's already well-established reputation as a capitalist of illimitable resources... "She is a stunner," [Doctor Feldmeyer] declared, with the faintest suggestion of a smirk, "and carries herself like a queen. She wears a fur coat that cost not less than six or seven hundred dollars, and not a woman in this town has such diamonds..."-from Get-Rich-Quick WallingfordPart of Chester's popular fictional series about a scheming industrialist, this satirical novel, "a cheerful account of the rise and fall of an American Business Buccaneer," relates the business crimes and misdemeanors of J. Rufus Wallingford, who inhabits a world wherein a good stomach for strong drink is worth thousands of dollars, philanthropy and profit are intimately intertwined, and preying upon widows and orphans is all in a day's work. First published in 1908, this wickedly funny work is just as pointed today as it was a century ago.American journalist and novelist GEORGE RANDOLPH CHESTER (1869-1924) was a regular contributor to Collier's and Everybody's Magazine. He is also the author of Five Thousand an Hour: How Johnny Gamble Won the Heiress and The Early Bird: A Business Man's Love Story.

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In Which J Rufus Wallingford
Chapter III Mr Wallingfords Lamb Is Care
The Universal Covered Garpet Tack
In Which an Astounding Revela
Wherein the Great Taek
Mr Wallingford Shows Mr Clover
An Amazing Combination of Phil
Neil Takes a Sudden Interest
The Financier Takes a Flying
Wherein a Good Stomach
Mr Wallingford Wins the Town
Battlesburg Smells Money
In Which the Sheep
J Eufus Prefers Farming
A Corner on Farmers
Board of Trade

Fate Arranges for J Rufus
Chapter XIII Mr Wallingford Offers Unlim
Showing How Five Hundred
Wallingford Generously Loans
Mr Fox Solves His Great
Mr Wailingford Gambles

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Page 19 - I didn't swat him with a briek during our last little chatter when I saw it all fade away. Do you know what he wanted me to do! He wanted me to prove to him that there actually was a Billion Strike mine, and that gold had been found in it!
Page 46 - Contractor to discontinue all work, or any part thereof, as may be designated by the said party of the first part, and the said party of the first part...
Page 9 - lodge," talk, neither of the oddly assorted cronies eared much for drizzle overhead or mire underfoot; but a splash of black mud in the face must necessarily command some attention. This surprise came suddenly to both from the circumstance of a cab having dashed up just beside them. Their resentment, bubbling hot for a moment, was quickly chilled, however, as the cab door opened and out of it stepped one of those impressive beings for whom the best things of this world have beea especially made and...
Page 22 - The incident helped them to get upon a most cordial footing at once. It did not occur to either of them, at the time, how appropriate it was that Mr. Wallingford should splash mud upon Mr. Lamb at their very first meeting. "What can I do for you, Mr. Lamb!
Page 12 - Had your dinner!" inquired Mr. Wallingford as he donned the last few garments of a fresh suit. "Not yet," growled the other. "I've got such a grouch against myself I won't even feed right, for fear I'd enjoy it. On the cheaps for the last day, too.
Page 10 - Mm like a* blessed aura. Without a glance at the two plain citizens who stood mopping the mud from their faces, he strode majestically into the hotel, leaving Mr. David Jasper and Mr. Edward Lamb out in the rain. The clerk kowtowed to the signature, though he had never seen nor heard of it before — "J. Bnfiis Wallingford, Boston.
Page 18 - Mr. Wallingford shook silently, the more so that there was no answering gleam of mirth in Mr. Daw's savage visage. "Say, do you know what I found when I got here!

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