Get in His Will... And Not in His Way!: 29 Ways to Help You Recognize Your Significance in Life's Master Plan and Become the Puzzle Piece He Has Designed You to Be!

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AuthorHouse, Jun 13, 2007 - Self-Help - 136 pages
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Have you ever been driving to or from work, in a hurry, only to get stuck behind a vehicle whose driver seemed to be lost or not in a hurry? Did you find yourself, as you sped by, asking, “Why are you in my way?” Can’t you see I have plans to be somewhere?” In our everyday lives, we too like that driver, slow down, seem lost or behave in an aimless manner. It’s good to know that our loving God won’t maneuver around us disregarding the fact that we may be in need of assistance. What he will do is nudge us into the swing of things. He desires us to Get In His Will And Not In His Way!

Are you lost, slowing down, confused, or without direction? Do you feel insignificant in the grand scale of things? These short chapters will help you realize that you are actually an intricate part of God’s master plan. You are part of the big picture.

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About the author (2007)

Alison L. Harmon’s life is a life dedicated to accepting and walking in God’s divine will. After many years of going around in circles, much like the Children of Israel, caught in the decision making process, she has finally surrendered to becoming an effective part of the Master’s Plan. Alison was born and raised in London. As the daughter of West Indian “Fire and Brimstone” preachers she learned about the Bible at a very early age.

The first of many Bible verses her father taught her was, Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit. Psalm 51:12. Little did she know that this verse would be

the secret of her successes in life? Without God, there is no joy. Without joy, there is no life. God can renew joy and life to you daily or any time you ask. The key is “ask”.

Alison is married to Jr. Minister, educator and author, Hugh J. Harmon. They have a daughter Chai Soleil (Life giving) whose very existence is due to a prophecy. You can learn more about this in Alison’s next book. Alison is an educator by trade. She is a Bible school instructor and Praise and Worship leader at Love Fellowship Tabernacle: The kingdom Church, Brooklyn New York where Overseer Hezekiah Walker is the Senior Pastor. Pastor Walker has been and still remains a great inspiration to Alison. Through his teaching, she has come to know and value the potential that is inside of her. She has come to realize that God has a master plan of which she is a vital part and what he really needs from her is her “position” and not her “opposition”. He doesn’t need a lot of excuses and “NOs”. He needs a firm “YES”. This book will encourage and show you how to get in his will and out of His way!


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