Getting Comfy With Your Money: Money Can be Joyfully Stress-free when You Know how it Works and Use the Software that Works the Same Way

Front Cover, Aug 15, 2021 - 120 pages
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Your relationship with your money does not have to be painful. After reading this book, you will understand how to keep your money in perspective. You will have the knowledge and software tool that you need to get and stay comfy with your money. We learn very early growing up that money is something we want to have so we can buy things. Our relationship with money through life is initially defined by this basic need. We come to believe that we have to get more and more money so that we can buy more and bigger things. This is a simplistic view of money that often leads to problems. When our emphasis is on more spending, it's very easy to sink into debt. Being in debt with no way to easily get out can result in emotional issues that can degrade our quality of life. Being stressed, frustrated, angry, frightened, and unable to sleep because of money can even destroy relationships with our friends and loved ones. Instead of being a convenience, money can seem toxic. It can feel like a necessity that makes us uneasy. We can even be uncomfortable just talking about money. But, money is not the cause of our distress. The fundamental issues are that we have not been taught to understand how our everyday money works, nor appreciate the need to plan our spending. The intent of this book is to fill in these blanks of your money education so that you can begin to feel comfortable with your money. This book is meant for everyone who has or will have an income and would prefer to live a life free of stress about money. The information and software discussed in this book are applicable to any wage earner regardless of how much or how little their income may be. It's not about how much you earn, but how well you manage what you earn.

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