Getty and Hitler

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GETTY and HITLER, Feb 6, 2010 - True Crime - 104 pages
J. Paul Getty; FBI File 100.1202, June 26, 1940, Espionage. 2003 documents declassified by UK Warfare Ministry reveal that in Oct. 1941 the pro-Nazi Jean Paul Getty employed and lodged Nazis at his Pierre Hotel in New York City; Nazis who were involved in spying on and sabotaging Allied Forces' war production plants. 43,000 people were killed in the UK while J. Paul Getty was in Berlin still shipping oil to Hitler five months before Pearl Harbor ... December 7, 1941. J.P. Getty was investing in German government bonds. As aristocrats with treasures of art were executed -- beginning in 1933 -- with the outbreak of war; Getty assiduously added to his vast collection with the Nazis.

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Getty and Hitler Trilogy ....
"Deserves an Oscar® ... J. J. Fridfinnsson." ...
"This is a fascinating project." Glenn Bulycz ... iTunes TV & Movies Marketing - Cupertino, CA
"Well, I just finished your film an hour ago. What a spectacular film." Peter V.
Grant MacDonald # 5 @ American Idol Underground.
Music Director's Favourite@ KSPC 88.7 FM Calif....
"Nice to see there is brilliance out there ..."
It's the soundtrack to MacDonald's film about Getty; shipping oil to Hitler during WWII.
A Billion Bucks ... Soundtrack ...." Just this side of brilliant -- but brilliant nevertheless.
I love the idea that one has to beg -- even with the Gettys being so much as NAZIS.
How troubled; the lack of trouble ... makes the drums drop and fall as easily as the words that escape the speaker ...
that were right there, something that's not so easy to make the listener get on board.
This is brilliant: "I earned the Gettys, A Billion Bucks ... the way they treat me really sucks."
We're interested because it's done so damn well --
as much as I may dislike the people who get to talk at Getty's Museum,
the hilarity being that the words are burnt by someone who knows how to make words work."
- ScottSiders Long Beach, California.
"Wow, that is powerful." Rachel.
GETTYMOVIE soundtrack. The song reminds me of like an inter-galactic space battle. The sequence at 1:54 really blew me away. I was not expecting to hear anything like that. It's incredibly awesome. I honestly think one of the coolest things a band can do is completely deviate from the original song idea for minutes on end. Ok it comes back around 4:40, and it's pretty cool to hear it come in again...Good juxtaposition. It's incredibly weird although very interesting and creative. I just think the band is aiming at a very narrow demographic by showcasing this song, although personally I enjoy it. This is the kind of thing that might play in your head during a dream after falling asleep in front of the TV. Cool psychedelic-sounding chord progression on the keyboard at the end of the song. This song breathes some fresh air into GarageBand. Great work!
Extra Credit: Production, Originality.- chilomonkey Bakersfield, California
A BILLION BUCKS ... Awesome!
This track was great. I have to get this cd. It's awesome.
The lyrics are great. This band is going to be big. Keep it up.
They are going to go platinum. ... dwickers3 - Shelton, Connecticut
I like it a lot, keep it up, nice beat and production
real clear and concise, you got your place reserved in the game
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I really like this song - I like the way the words are delivered - original and interesting.
Originality in a genre that prefers sameness - that should be rewarded. Karwreck - New York.
A BILLION BUCKS ... I'd like to hear it louder. ... milkdud - Orlando, Florida.
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A BILLION BUCKS ... SWEET ASS SONG ... This is f----ing cool!
Extra Credit: Male Vocals Guitars Production & Melody ... Megadude - Oakville Ontario Canada.
Hey Grant, I just visited your website and I've been really moved about the facts of Getty.
I'm am very happy to see someone put out facts about a subject so deep.
I can't wait to see the film, when it comes out.
Ohh the cd you gave me is really good, thanks for everything keep it up.
And thanks for bringing out the truth.
If there is anyway, I could help you it would be my pleasure. Nick, Ottawa.
J P GETTY ... Holocaust History Here!
Interesting Historical information.
Lots of potential here ... Lawton, Oklahoma.
WATCH ME ... Sweet ... CrazyTownFan - Ottawa.
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