Ghana: a Time to Heal & Renew the Nation

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AuthorHouse, 08.08.2007. - 320 страница

In this thought provoking book the author takes a critical retrospective glance at the political development of Ghana from its colonial past to the attainment of her sovereignty, and highlights the insidious fundamental flaws in the governance of the new nation.

He unequivocally asserts that the creation of a dysfunctional totalitarian governmental system, where a cadre of unseasoned politicians systematically arrogated all power to themselves, and zealously prosecuted their political adversaries into oblivion, constituted the most fatal fundamental flaw in the governance of the nation.

He points out that the militarys delusional belief in their self-appointed messianic role of liberating and redeeming Ghana from the odious dictatorship imposed on the people opened up the nation to the Pandoras box of bureaucratic ineptitude, gross power abuses, poorly conceived, and haphazardly implemented programs which precipitated political instability, stagnation, and decay of the institutions of state leading to the exodus of Ghanaians abroad.

The dominant theme that permeates throughout the book revolves around the prevalence of the underlying institutional malaise inherited from colonialpolitical structureswhich concentrate too much raw political powers in the hands of the presidency. This accumulation of near absolute power elevates our presidents to the status of benevolent dictators, and sotheir policies go virtually unchallenged.

This lack of checks and balances in our political system enabled the colonialists to totally exploit our people, andwhen our Ghanaian leaders governed our new nation in this same odious system they got the opportunity, like the colonial masters, to exploit and arrogate power to themselves, while utilizing the legal system as a weapon to harass their political opponents and silenced them.

The author argues that this incompatibility of the colonial system with the political development of modern Ghana is the root cause of our political polarization, endemic instability and pervasive poverty.


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The Cocoa Politics In Ghana
Taxation Revenue Development
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Kwame A. Insaidoo was born in Ghana. He received his early education from Akwasiho Presbyterian Middle School, Fijai and Aggrey Memorial Zion Secondary Schools. While at the Univeristy of Ghana, he was awarded an academic scholarship to attend Missouri State Univerisity, where he was elected president of Association of International Students. Kwame is also a member of Missouri chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, Economic Honor Society. In 1979 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics.

Kwame attended graduate school at New York University, where he received his master's degree in 1988. He is also the author of , Can the Black man Rule Himself?; Is the Bible a Woman's Enemy? ; The African Meets the Black American, with Mrs Roxanna Pearson Insaidoo, and Anansi and Other African Trickster Tales with Dr. Donald Holliday.

Kwame Insaidoo is currently Executive Director of a not for profit organization in New York City.

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