Girding: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature MackintoshesMany people still refer to raincoats as mackintoshes.ndash;John Martin (editor) in The Romance of Rubber.Of course we had no tent, but some invaluable mackintosh camp sheets.ndash;Samuel White Baker in Ismailia.Graham spread his mackintosh and I lay down on it thankful to rest.ndash;K.M. Barrow in Three Years in Tristan da Cunha.Cooper put out his arm to stop Mackintosh, but was too late.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.In a situation so terrible, the senses are sharpened; and Hazel dissected, in his mind, this sinister look, and saw that Morgan, Prince and Mackintosh were hostile to him.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.Mackintosh rose a few yards astern, and swam after the boat, with great glaring eyes; the loose sail was not drawing, but the wind moved the boat onward.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.Mackintosh was heard to say, 'Serve out the rum, no allowance,' and the demand was instantly complied with by Morgan.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.The other sailors' names were Prince, Fenner and Mackintosh.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.Toward afternoon of the eighth day, Mackintosh dipped a vessel in the sea, with the manifest intention of drinking the salt water.ndash;Charles Reade and Dion Boucicault in Foul Play.One of the messengers now returned with the useless mackintosh.ndash;Mary Elizabeth Braddon in The Golden Calf.

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