Giuseppe Mazzini -Selected Writings

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Read Books, 2006 - History - 256 pages
GIUSEPPE MAZZINI - SELECTED WRITINGS Edited and arranged with an Introduction by N. GANGULEE Formerly Professor of the University of Calcutta CONTENTS Introduction AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTES Impression as a boy Joined the Carbonaria Arrest and imprisonment Founded La Giovane Italia Young Italy In Exile The vision of an awakened Italy Tempest of doubts Disappointment in Italy HISTORICAL DISCOURSE The Destiny of Italy Italy Old and New Italy in 1848 The fall of the Roman Republic 1849 The condition of Europe On Caesarism Peoples War POLITICAL TESTAMENT Against Dictatorship Republicanism in Italy The Political faith of the National Party Liberty and Independence Unity and Nationality The Principle of action Cosmopolitanism POLITICAL PROGRAMME Manifesto of Young Italy Giovane Italia The Aim of Young Italy The Oath of Young Italy The Programme of Young Italy The Idea of the Giovane Europa Young Europe The Collective life of Humanity A Basis of Central European Organization ECONOMIC AND SOCIOLOGICAL IDEAS The Rights of Man Rights and Duties Tradition, Progress and Association Education Enfranchising the Negroes Capital and Labour RELIGIOUS AND MORAL OUTLOOK Mazzinis Religious Credo ETC

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