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Booktango, Oct 17, 2012 - Humor
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Gayle and Gail grew up together in a small middle-class town in Southern California. Facing their 50th high school reunion, they gathered their thoughts, hopes, dreams, accomplishments and disappointments in a blog-form for their own personal amusement. Looking back -- and looking forward -- at 60!

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Ode to My Mentor
Ode to Summer
On Being Gayle
On the MaleFemale ThangGayle
On This Moment in Time MyHere and Now Gayle
Plea for Patience
Plea for Some Sense
Prayer for Miracles

Christmas Chrafty Gail
Coming Full Circle Gayle
Did that Honestly Make AnyoneFeel Better? Gayle
Even the Ghosts are AfraidGayle
EEEWWWW You are so NICEGayle
Fighting Depression Gayle
Halloweeners Gayle
Here Comes the Sun Gayle
How to be the Worst Boss in theWorld Gayle
Its All a Matter of PerceptionGayle
I was Thinking Gayle
Just Doing a Little DamageControl Gayle
Life as a Stage PersonalityGayle
Life is Full of Surprises YouNever Know What Youre Goingto Get Gayle
Magic Gayle
Milestones Gayle
Naturally Nice Gail
Nice and Kind Gail
Not Good Not Happy with ThisGayle
Prayer for Love
Renault Roads Gail
Storm after the Calm Gayle
Summers Gone Gayle
Summer Vacations Gayle
Thank Goodness Im a NeuroticList Maker Gayle
The Coffee Zombie Gail
The Generation of ConflictingIdeologies Gayle
The Odious Little Man Gayle
The Perfect Shade Gail
Thoughts on Being Female
Time Gayle
What it Means to get Older Making a Fashion StatementGayle
Will You Still Love Me When Im94 Gayle
With a little Love You Really CanCreate a Miracle Gayle
You Know I Just Dont Want toHear It Gayle

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