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Use in Literature BiasingFlexibility of mind, a disposition easily biassed by others, is an attribute which you know I am not very desirous of obtaining; nor has Frederica any claim to the indulgence of her notions at the expense of her mother's inclinations.ndash;Jane Austen in Lady Susan.To this the Lords object; wherever it is concerned, they are not impartial revisers, but biassed revisers.ndash;Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution.I dare not say how many I believe there were, and my estimate really might be biassed; but this I know, that in no given direction could one look to seaward and not see many spouts.ndash;Frank T. Bullen in The Cruise of the Cachalot.But the theory in its collective application contains a truth which nineteenth century critics, biassed by their studies in heredity, have been prone to overlook.ndash;J.B. Bury in The Idea Of Progress.Marble could not forget his own defeat; and the recollection jaundiced his eyes, and biassed his judgment.ndash;James Fenimore Cooper in Afloat and Ashore (A Sea Tale).In observing animals, we are not so likely to be biassed by our imagination; and we may feel safe that their expressions are not conventional.ndash;Charles Darwin in The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals.But while we recognise the natural character of the prejudice to which these unhappy men are subject, we can neither receive their biassed evidence, nor address ourself to their inflamed and angered minds.ndash;Charles Dickens in Sketches by Boz.It expresses only my opinion concerning a lady who stands almost as high in your esteem, I believe, as she does in mine. My affection and my gratitude have not biassed my judgment in the advice which I have ventured to give to Mr. Hervey.ndash;Maria Edgeworth in Tales and Novels, vol 3 (Belinda).He thought that this increase was owing to his greater skill and experience, and he would probably have been mortified if he could have known how many of his patients were solely biassed in sending for him, by the fact that he was employed at the Towers.ndash;Elizabeth Gaskell in Wives and Daughters.Her power was limited, and the consciousness of this limitation had biassed her development.ndash;Thomas Hardy in Return of the Native.

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