Gleanings of wit, interspersed with many original pieces, from the works of an old military officer [J. Rawstorne, compiled by himself].

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Seite 114 - Tis folly to be wise. T. GRAY CLII HYMN TO ADVERSITY Daughter of Jove, relentless power, Thou tamer of the human breast, Whose iron scourge and torturing hour The bad affright, afflict the best ! Bound in thy adamantine chain The proud are taught to taste of pain, And purple tyrants vainly groan With pangs unfelt before, unpitied and alone. When first thy Sire to send on earth Virtue, his darling child, design'd, To thee he gave the heavenly birth And bade to form her infant mind.
Seite 6 - Tell me, thou soul of her I love, Ah ! tell me, whither art thou fled ; To what delightful world above, Appointed for the happy dead? Or dost thou, free, at pleasure, roam And sometimes share thy lover's woe...
Seite 190 - During the session the first in and the last out of the House of Commons, he passes from the senate to the camp ; and seldom seeing the seat of his ancestors, he is always in Parliament to serve his country or in the field to defend it.
Seite 211 - It was customary with Frederick the Great, whenever a new soldier appeared in his guards, to ask him three questions ; viz., " How old are you ? How long have you been in my service ? Are you satisfied with your pay and treatment...
Seite 189 - I hope that few things which have a tendency to bless or to adorn life have wholly escaped my observation in my passage through it. I have sought the acquaintance of that gentleman, and have seen him in all situations. He is a true genius ; with an understanding vigorous, and acute, and refined, and distinguishing even to excess ; and illuminated with a most unbounded, peculiar, and original cast of imagination. With these he possesses many external and instrumental advantages ; and he makes use...
Seite 19 - No wise man will be contented to die, if he thinks he is to go into a state of punishment. Nay, no wise man. will be contented to die, if he thinks he is to fall into annihilation : for however unhappy any man's existence may be, he yet would rather have it, than not exist at all.
Seite 115 - Thy form benign, oh goddess! wear, Thy milder influence impart, Thy philosophic train be there, To soften, not to wound, my heart.
Seite 90 - VIRTUE is of intrinsic value and good desert, and of indispensable obligation; not the creature of will, but necessary and immutable ; not local or temporary, but of equal extent and antiquity with the DIVINE MIND ; not a mode of sensation, but everlasting TRUTH; not dependent on power, but the guide of all power.
Seite 51 - Behold a proof of Irish sense : Here Irish wit is seen ; When nothing's left that's worth defence, They build a magazine ! * Besides these famous books of Scott's and Johnson's, there is a copious " Life
Seite 91 - Many of the endowments and talents we now possess, and of which we are too apt to be proud, will cease entirely with the present state; but this will be our ornament and dignity in every future state to which we ;/ may be removed.

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