Gleanings of wit, interspersed with many original pieces, from the works of an old military officer [J. Rawstorne, compiled by himself].


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36 페이지 - Berkshire, •This modest stone, what few vain marbles can, May truly say, Here lies an honest man : A poet, blest beyond the poet's fate, Whom Heaven kept sacred from the Proud and Great : Foe to loud praise, and friend to learned ease, Content with science in the vale of peace. Calmly he look'd on either life ; and here Saw nothing to regret, or there to fear ; From Nature's temperate feast rose satisfied, Thank'd Heaven that he had liv'd, and that he died.
168 페이지 - Be pleased to look on me with an eye of compassion ; some small employment would render my condition easy. The King is not unsatisfied of me, the Duke has often promised me his assistance ; and your Lordship is the conduit through which their favours pass.
203 페이지 - Some gentler passions slide into my mind, For I am soft and made of melting snow; Or be more cruel, Love, and so be kind, Let me or float or sink, be high or low: Or let me live with some more sweet content, Or die, and so forget what love e'er meant.
202 페이지 - My care is like my shadow in the sun, Follows me flying, flies when I pursue it...
98 페이지 - I had heard you so often talk of the impossibility of a future state, and that after death there was no reward for virtue, or punishment for vice, that I was tempted to commit the robbery.
15 페이지 - When the patient first received the dawn of light, there appeared such an ecstasy in his action, that he seemed ready to swoon away in the surprise of joy and wonder. The surgeon stood before him with his instruments in his hands. The young man observed him from head to foot ; after which he surveyed himself as carefully, and seemed to compare him to himself ; and, observing both their hands, seemed to think they were exactly alike, except the instruments, which he took for parts of his hands.
116 페이지 - AT this time, when the general complaint is that " money is scarce," it will be an act of kindness to inform the moneyless how they may reinforce their pockets. I will acquaint them with the true secret of money-catching, the certain way to fill empty purses, and how to keep them always full. Two simple rules, well observed, will do the business. First, let honesty and industry be thy constant companions; and Secondly, spend one penny less than thy clear gains.
19 페이지 - Dear Lydia, if I am to lose by sight the soft pantings which I have always felt when I heard your voice ; if I am no more to distinguish the step of her I love when she approaches me, but to change that sweet and frequent pleasure for such an amazement as I knew the little time I lately saw ; or if I am to have...
117 페이지 - Then shalt thou be a man, and not hide thy face at the approach of the rich, nor suffer the pain of feeling little when the sons of fortune walk at thy right hand : for independency, whether with little or much, is good fortune, and placeth thee on even ground with the proudest of the golden fleece.
170 페이지 - Fulham, and nobody will be more welcome there than yourself. I find there is a very old bad house; I must repair a great deal of it, and, I am afraid, rebuild some part. It is late for me to be so employed, but somebody will be the better for it. I write with difficulty ; I wish you can read. I am, Sir, your very affectionate brother and humble servant, THO. LONDON.

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