Glenaveril, Or, The Metamorphoses

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J. Murray, 1885 - 646 pages
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Page 144 - ... information of a lifetime. The aim of the poem is to illustrate the phenomenal activity of the great law of heredity, which Lord Lytton emphasises throughout, and notably in one or two stanzas : — " Succession is the law that regulates Life's course, through every channel great or small." And again : — " Each is his own successor day by day ; The day that's come is by the day that's past Determined. Dream of freedom as we may, This law remains inexorable. Caste Was on its permanence based...
Page 288 - Ah, how explain ? What causes our delight ' In Art's supreme achievements ? the skilled style ? ' No, but the truth (else hidden from our sight) ' Which Art reveals to us when she reflects ' What Nature meant, redeemed from all defects ; LXXXVIII.
Page 298 - VIII. As some unseen dictatress (who but stays Till all is said, impatient to be gone) Her strong injunction on his spirit lays : What she reveals not, is to him unknown, And only what she bids him say, he says. Nought may he add thereto, that is his own ; Nor stop, as he delivers them, to guess The sense of her imperious messages.
Page 97 - Equality, which will not coexist ' With freedom, in our programme has no place. ' All may acquire what will by some be missed, ' By others won : but free shall be the race, ' As fair the start : no mill shall get more grist ' Than it can grind, nor less : in every case ' Justice shall to the land by every one ' Be perfectly and punctually done : XXXVI.
Page 235 - For the Great Author of this Human Plot, ' Who both created and controls it all ? ' To Him, whose will doth to each act allot ' An end that by its actor is unknown, ' We abdicate the guidance of our own ! ' XII. •XV.
Page 299 - The greater part of all she does : for she, Ever propounding problems manifold, > Keeps in her own unopened hand their key. Even Law, herself, declines the impossible task Of answering the question thou wouldst ask ; , ) Declaring prudently that ' Pater est Quern justce nuptice denunciant.
Page 288 - A soul; and Sentiment, whose truth puts straight ' What Circumstance perverts, here brings about ' Nature's recovery of her own true son,
Page 300 - Think what thou wilt, then, Reader ! For my part, There is no theory about love, I care To prove, or disprove.
Page 99 - First President, and President for life, ' By choice of suffrage, and by right of date...
Page 134 - Of every vice perchance the most allied ' To cruelty, if, whatsoe'er the price ' The loved one's happiness to love niaj

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