Glenn Diddit's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: In Black & White

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Createspace Independent Pub, Sep 1, 1988 - Comics & Graphic Novels - 108 pages
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Unlike other adaptations, this version presents the unabridged literary experience of the renowned English classic, mimicking Sir John Tenniel's original art. Surprises include recreated art from Carroll's prototype manuscript ALICE'S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND, proportions that fluctuate with a straining-against-the-box dream feel, upcoming pages that 'bleed through' to be seen on current pages, and the hidden backsides of panels showing through from preceding pages. IMPORTANT! THIS IS NOT THE GRAPHIC ADAPTATION OF TIM BURTON'S MOVIE "Alice in Wonderland", but the back-story to the movie. ALSO AVAILABLE IN COLOR

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The Midwest Book Review says: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the...graphic novel adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic, fantastic adventure of a young girl who follows a white rabbit and becomes lost in a topsy-turvy magical world. Faithful to the original novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland perfectly captures the sharp-edged wit and wisecracking of the original. Best of all, dialogue of the original novel is completely unabridged - readers can enjoy the full literary experience! A treasure for all ages, and a "must-have" for any collection featuring graphic novel adaptations of works that have stood the test of time. 

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In a word? PHENOMENAL.
When I think of comic books the first thing that generally came to my mind is the dotty newsprint little mags my mom used to throw away. (Oh, the things she threw away!) I
can't lie tho, I still love comic books. EXCELCIOR! I'm not a big fan of the huge Aname manga cuz although a lot of people call the art stylized I call it kinda stiff and conformist. Maybe "cookie cutter" is more accurate, HOWever, that's my personal observation not a blanket condemnation or attack of the style, ERGO, I'm not looking to "meet you at the Con" to duke it out to the death for expressing an opinion.
GETTING BACK TO THIS BOOK!: I don't where this guy came from, but I really hope he does more books. He claims this is his masterpiece, and I want to agree but I hope not. Glenn Diddit is a story crafting genius with the most original drawing style I've seen since I can't remember. This guy's art is simply OFF THE HOOK. If Aname books are a formal ball with tails, this book is an ecxtasy block party rave with poppers and cop whistles.
I can't really discribe how this guy draws, you just gotta look at it-- he mixes the old timey John Tenniel drawings with Will Eisner with disproportionate styles I can only call original. DC would never hire the guy but his art is all done and suits the story SO FREAKIN WELL! I stumbled across the preview and had to by it. It is NOTHING like Disney. . . the story is so different I went and checked it agianst Project Gutenberg's version of Alice - this book is uncannily accurate to the nth detail. I've never read anything like it in my life.
He's got a color version too, but I bought this one because of the discount off the cover price, and I'm a cheapskate. Thing is, I plan to buy the color version too, because it if looks this cool in grayscale the color has gotta be unstoppable eye candy.
SO - If you are looking for sheer ENJOYMENT, literal accuracy and surprises from beginning to end, Seriously: BUY THIS BOOK! 5 stars+!

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Glenn Diddit apologizes for the price of this novel. His royalty, before he pays taxes, on the black-and white version is $3.43 and the on-demand publisher takes $10.52.
You can contact him directly if you would like to buy lots of 6@$52/lot including shipping (40% discount) in the USA.
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