Glitter: Soul Or Spirit

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AuthorHouse, May 15, 2006 - Religion

What if those who pretend to perceive something beyond the visible, what if they were right?

Is Science capable of saying that it may indeed be so?

We are presenting a complete view of the world and of man.

Admittedly, it can be considered as pure fiction as no mathematical formulas are used anywhere in those texts.

The hardware, the multi layer structure of our brain was described in 'Man, Worm and Ant' of the same author.

In 'Glitter', we are looking at the software aspect of our flesh computer.
This is a thorough analysis of the organization and functioning of the brain-mind.
But it doesn't end there.
In 'Yoga des Sphères', in 1970, this author postulated the existence of two 'parallel' universes.
In 'Matter of Dream' this concept is repeated with more details.

This is heresy to most physicists, yet there is a new theory within the walls of the university – thus debatable but acceptable – theory that shows that some of the problems encountered by physics can be resolved, assuming that the universe is indeed multi-layered.
This theory is mostly the brain-child of Drs. Lisa Randall, and Raman Sundrum.

Dr Leclercq's description of this complex universe opens the door to accepting that there is indeed clairvoyance and thaumaturgic healing.

It also shows that the notion of 'spirits' and 'souls' can be supported by science once it is seen that there are parallel universes really communicating.

We can then ponder the presence of other entities, even gods maybe.

In any case, this path finally helps us think reasonably about what we are here for...

Are we just accidents of matter?
Are we pawns placed for the enjoyment of some creator?

Are we helpers in the progress of evolution?

Dr. Leclercq says we are!

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