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Chipmunkapublishing, Feb 1, 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 280 pages
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""After 25 years of simultaneously combining professions, Pankaj Kurulkar is a very rare combination of a very successful professional writer and businessman. His books, novellas, and short stories have won five prestigious literary awards, and though young for such ultimate recognition, he has already won a major, lifetime award for his body of literature in its various forms.

Brilliantly varied in theme, character, and action, the three novellas and four short stories are unified and illuminated by the great subject of Mr. Kurulkar's work: his profound, compassionate, and philosophically inspired vision of the human condition. He is acutely sensitive to the uncertainties, complexities, contradictions, and the apparently endless suffering of life-for everyone.
What also gives his writing and stories their rare universality is his core thematic focus on that suffering, which we, like his characters, all experience in infinitely variable ways. That transcendental theme of life's unrelenting pain and torment defines what's most essential for Kurulkar to express and describe with this stories and characters, so that we can expand our own understanding at the highest level.
His writing ranges to from the subtle and nuanced to hammer blows to our heart, but always we feel the often radioactive pain that he pours from his very soul into his characters, so that they and their lives become as open wounds which he compels us to make our own.

What we come to realize and are reminded of in story after story is regardless of the specifics of the characters, their situations, agonies, loved others, and the vast diversity of their cultural, moral, financial, social, generational, religious, familial, parental, personal, and professional values, beliefs, haunting lack of belief, and more, is the bleak, stark, grim perception that life is suffering, and the very often, the characters' choices are as simple as they are horrific: keep living...or die.
With the utmost realism and deceptive simplicity of style and narrative, Kurulkar creates characters, who, from the most socially elite to the lowest class with no education, have the capacity to comprehend many of life's mysteries, feel compelled to try to find answers that will help them make some sense of what they're experiencing, and yet every time, realize or enable us to realize, that there are no true, final, ultimate answers, and the unanswerable questions that keep coming become, all too frequently, festering, worsening sores and wounds that they and we can only endure-but only if there's the necessary strength, perseverance, commitment to themselves, others,

His profound sensitivity to the people and world around him have enabled him to develop a deep sense of the intricacies of the human mind, and how that complex mental whole works together. His decades of writing and life experience have evolved into a wise, mature and visionary philosophy of life, which he integrates into his stories in all forms. He also has a very sharp social and political acumen.
He explains that he didn't choose to be a writer, but that writing chose him because his writing is driven by a deeply disturbing inner compulsion.

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