Global esports: Transformation of Cultural Perceptions of Competitive Gaming

Dal Yong Jin
Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 25.3.2021 - 336 sivua
Global eSports explores the recent surge of eSports in the global scene and comprehensively discusses people's understanding of this spectacle. By historicizing and institutionalizing eSports, the contributors analyze the rapid growth of eSports and its implications in culture and digital economy. Dal Yong Jin curates a discussion as to why eSports has become a global phenomenon.

From games such as Spacewar to Starcraft to Overwatch, a key theme, distinguishing this collection from others, is a potential shift of eSports from online to mobile gaming. The book addresses why many global game players and fans play and enjoy online and mobile games in professional game competitions, and therefore, they investigate the manner in which the transfer to, from and between online and mobile gaming culture is occurring in a specific subset of global youth.

The remaining focus identifies the major platforms used to enjoy eSports, including broadcasting and smartphones. By analyzing these unexamined or less-discussed agendas, this book sheds light on the current debates on the growth of global eSports culture.

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A Comparative Analysis of Late
A Comparison of Industry Size Viewer Friendliness
A Chinese Sport? Milan Ismangil and Anthony Fung
Perspectives on Spectatorship Dal Yong
The Convergence of Overwatch
Statistics Spectatorship and the Attention Economy of Esport
Esports Neoliberalism and the Affective Power
Convergence of Music and Esports Yaewon Jin and TaeJin Yoon
Portrayals of Esports
How Ageing and the Institutionalization
The Emergence of College Esports in North America Nyle Sky Kauweloa
The Promotion of Esports in Chinese Universities
A Balance between Competition and Community in Public Gaming Spaces
About the Contributors

The Case of Overwatch Raine Koskimaa Tanja
Locating the Perceptual and Cultural Work

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Dal Yong Jin is Distinguished Professor, in the School of Communications, at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is the author of many books, including Korea's Online Gaming Empire (2010), De-convergence of Global Media Industries (2013), and Mobile Gaming in Asia: Politics, Culture and Emerging Technologies (2016). In addition, Jin has published more than 70 journal articles in scholarly journals, such as New Media and Society, The Information Society, Media, Culture and Society, Television and New Media, Games and Culture, and Information Communication and Society.

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