God’S Illusion Machine: The Vedic Alternative to Richard Dawkins’S God Delusion

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Xlibris Corporation, Dec 30, 2013 - Philosophy - 532 pages

In the tidal wave of intellectual argument that followed the 2006 release of Richard Dawkinss God Delusion book, a fierce debate has raged between atheism and religion over the existence of God, leaving the worlds scientists and laymen largely undecided in their opinion. Gods Illusion Machine presents a fascinating alternative to a debate that has largely been argued within the framework of Christian versus science concepts. Drawing upon the worlds oldest body of knowledge (the Vedas), the author describes the massive illusion to which we are all subjected as we mistakenly believe ourselves to be physical creations of the material world. In Gods Illusion Machine, the material world is gradually exposed as the ultimate virtual reality machine for wayward souls who prefer a self-centred, rather than a God-centred, existence. In contrast to Richard Dawkinss assertion that the religious are suffering a delusion for believing in God, the author argues that both the atheists and the religious are under the spell of Gods deluding energy called My, which acts in reciprocation with a souls desire to be in illusion within the physical realm.

By applying the profound spiritual insights of Vedic knowledge along with a healthy dose of common sense and good humour, Gods Illusion Machine is an enthralling expos of the deceptive nature of the material world and the false claims of materialists regarding the nature of life and love. It is a triumph of spirituality over both atheistic materialism and religious dogmatism.

Gods Illusion Machine is a work of major importance realigning Western religion, philosophy, and science with eternal spiritual truths, an enlightening read for both the atheist and the religious, bringing spiritual certainty and true love to bewildered souls in troubled times. For atheists who like a good argument, for the religious who are stuck for a reply to Richard Dawkins, for fans of fantasy and sci-fi where forces of light and illusion contend in battle, and for you, the reader, whatever your disposition, this book will forever change your outlook on life and its meaning. As the rising sun disperses the darkness of night, so in the presence of Krishna (The Absolute Truth), my (illusion) cannot stand.


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Most excellent. I would like to tell the author that I love him or her. I love you all. All this physical existence is manifest for the purpose of love. Thank you.
- Wald Wassermann

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This book is mind boggling......a perfect slap to atheism and all credits to the Vedic Scriptures (Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam) and Srila Prbahupada who presented it in a wonderful theistic manner.....I read only a few pages and i'm getting anxious to read more about Krishna's multifarious potencies
Thank you Mayesvara Prabhuji for this writing this cool book (And i know its Krishna who made you do it :D )
Hare Krishna!


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