God's Living Will: A Guide To

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AuthorHouse, Feb 17, 2009 - Religion - 96 pages

God’s Living Will has nothing to do with any religion or denomination.


It is simply God’s Will.


Most of my life I thought I knew about God’s Will and believed that I was going to enter the kingdom of heaven. I found out that I was wrong. The fact was I had only seen and believed parts of God’s Will.


It was the Holy Spirit that taught me about the other parts of God’s Will. The parts of God’s Will that those who say that are speaking for God never seem to mention. It is the conditions clause of God’s Will.  


God’s Living Will is placed within the scriptures. A person just has to look for it.


For those who may not of seen all of God’s Will this book explains where to find God’s Will within the scriptures and where to find the answers to some questions that are extremely important to anyone who calls themselves a Christian.



When did Jesus say an heir would receive their inheritance?


What did Jesus and the scriptures say would keep someone from receiving their inheritance?


What did Jesus say someone had to do to receive their inheritance?


Who will be allowed to enter into the kingdom of God?


Why did Jesus say many Christians are worshiping the Lord in vain?


Why did Jesus say only children would be able to enter the kingdom of God?


What is God’s definition of adultery?


Why did Jesus say that the Lord will turn away many people from the gates of heaven who say they had taught and did great works in the name of the Lord?


Was Jesus married?


The answers are all in God’s Will if someone takes the time to look. They are the answers that God gave Jesus to give to all mankind. And those answers are as true today as they were when Jesus first gave them to his disciples and apostles. The truth never changes.


May God bless you with the knowledge of the Truth.

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