God's Man: A Novel

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1915 - American fiction - 475 pages

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Page 52 - ... a close and, with it, my affair with Susan. In Hamley's I had met another girl, whose name does not matter, and who would be unable to support me in the style to which I was accustomed — but we had fallen in love and we wanted to get married. She needed Reargarde Corsets, but I at any rate would be able to support her in the style to which she was accustomed, which was not much.
Page 377 - I want to go back to the orchard, The orchard that used to be mine, The apples are reddening and filling The air with their wine. I want to run on through the pasture And let down the dusty old bars, I want to find you there still waiting, Your eyes like the twin stars.
Page 261 - GRIZZLE fessional criminal, esp. a professional thief: 1915, George Bronson-Howard, God's Man, ' " Grifting ain't what it used to be. Fourteenth Street's got protection down to a system — a regular underworld tariff on larceny...
Page 239 - I was expelled from college. For shielding a friend, I was reduced to the worst kind of poverty. For trying to get justice for a helpless woman, I got into jail By using influence with the most corrupt kind of politicians I got out. To get back to my...
Page 201 - ... (where Lowrie was a prisoner in 1901-11), ' I knew there would be a strong knock registered against me here, but I made up my mind [that] if they gave me half a chance I'd do the right thing and try to earn my way out on the square ' (My Life in Prison, 1912) ; 1915, G. Bronson-Howard, God's Man, ' She put in the knock when we offered her fifty-fifty to let us take that Spedden guy ', ie vetoed the proposal ; by 1935, ob. ; by 1945, virtually f.
Page 134 - Boatman, article by Moreby Acklom ; extant. An elaboration of clean, v., 1. clean lurk, the. A shortened form of ' the clean family lurk '. 'clean one. An empty safe : since ca. 1920. Godfrey Irwin, 1931. Not soiled with ' filthy lucre '. — 2. A stolen car from which...
Page 196 - Pipe the hock-rock on her pinky " — Arnold glanced as Beau pointed and saw on her hand a marquise, a pure white triangle edged by tiny flat rubies ' ; 1925, Arthur Stringer, The Diamond Thieves ; slightly ob. See the separate elements. hock shop. Pawnshop : April 1871, Session
Page 145 - The ninth is a Ginny, to lift up a Grate, { If he sees but the Lurry with his Hooks he will bate,' J. Shirley, The Triumph of Wit, 5th ed., 1707 ; current only ca. 1685-1730. — 3. (Or G.) An Italian : USA : 1904, No. 1500, Life in Sing Sing ; 1915, G. Bronson-Howard, God's Man, ' " If I'd been born a Hunky or a Ginny, or even a Yiddisher boy — but Irish ! " ' ; 1929, Charles F. Сое, Hooch, ' That little ginney over there ' ; 1931, Godfrey Irwin, ' Probably first applied to some Italian, Spanish,...
Page 370 - I told you what always happened to these little hop-fiends if they kept on lying on their side," said the burly one, addressing his partner.

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