God, the Angels, & Me

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Tate Publishing, 2011 - Religion - 172 pages
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Have you been waiting for a divine intervention in your life? Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe your dreams have a deep spiritual meaning? Do you desire to hear God's voice within your soul? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, or if the subjects of interventions, healings, miracles, and spiritual dreams simply pique your curiosity, Linda Mae Valencia's memoir God, The Angels, and Me is for you. Linda Mae Valencia has been chosen as a messenger of God and shares her inspiring life story, including her childhood in beautiful Hawaii, battling discouragement and despair, and overcoming difficult situations with the help of God. Linda Mae has witnessed and been a part of countless miracles, such as healing the sick with the laying on of hands and seeing Jesus's face in the clouds. Her dreams have come true on more than one occasion, and she attributes this all to her faith in her Lord Jesus Christ. Linda Mae invites you to journey with her through her unforgettable life stories and hopes you will become spiritually recharged in God, The Angels, and Me.

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This book is so amazing! I could relate to the author.She has tremendous faith in God.This is a great book, I'm buying it for my Mother.Lisa
I just read Linda Mae’s book I think she’s a lucky
person to have such LOVE. Her stories are refreshing to read. Going from despair to looking for the good in all things; she has to be a strong person to get passes a dark place in life. To believe in something greater than her situation she had to look deeper within herself to find the light at the end of the tunnel. To be in such a scary place I guess we all have our ways of describing how we get our strength. Linda Explains her journey and when you read this book it’s like your there with her. Peggy G 

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Linda Mae Valencia insightful memoir God, the Angels, & Me. about her life’s spiritual journey has touched my heart, Mind, and soul. Linda expresses having faith, believing in God and angels, and feeling complete with whom YOU are in life. She conveys to open up a line of communication to God, for he works miracles, even if life seems impossible, at times. For Linda’s compassionate book will be enjoyed by men and women, young and mature. Now I’m waiting for her #2 book. Linda Mae says to count your blessings. The love of a husband, close loving family, and friends. She states to enjoy moments with those you love.
Special Education Teacher: Liz Reed


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