Golden Nuggets: Something to Make You Smile

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AuthorHouse, Jun 27, 2007 - Humor
My Mum used to say that laughter is the best tonic; a sentiment still shared by many people today. It is something that separates us from the animal kingdom, making us unique among all the species in the world today. Hence, I want to try to use this gift where possible, since it does not cost anything, providing that you are not laughing at someone's expense. All the definitions, quotes and jokes are my own as are all the poems, some of which contain a touch of humour. Hence, find out answers to questions such as 'What do you get if you put the wrong oil in your car? What is the definition of anarchy? Who came a cropper when the cropper came? Moreover, the golden nuggets or gems of information provide for sheer variety, as I do not dwell too long on any one subject. Like my Mum used to say, "Laughter is the best tonic." I have added to this by saying, "Especially when it comes with gin." I hope you enjoy the material.

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