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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageAssay for Measuring Factor Viia-Antithrombin Complexes: Patented by James H. Morrissey on July 2, 2002. Abstract: A method for determining the concentration of factor VIIa-antithrombin complexes is disclosed which has application to estimating the level of intravascular exposure of tissue factor, assessing patient risk for hypercoagulation or other coagulopathies, and monitoring patients for factor VIIa-antithrombin complexes over time which can reveal changes in risk for hypercoagulation or other coagulopathies and/or effectiveness of anticoagulant therapy. Antibodies suitable for use in an in vitro assay for determining the concentration of factor VIIa-antithrombin complexes and methods for making the same are also disclosed.Method and apparatus for hemostasis and blood management: Patented by Eli Cohen and Irene A. Navickas on October 1, 2002. Abstract: A procedure for hemostasis and blood management, particularly for cardiovascular procedures, provides: sampling instructions, i.e., when to draw blood samples and how to pre-treat the blood samples, a decision tree to assist the interpretation of hemostasis analysis results allowing for the identification of various coagulopathies, and treatment suggestions related to the hemostasis analysis results. The analysis, interpretation and identification may be conducted by a suitably programmed computer.Test for quantitative thrombin time: Patented by Thomas J. Reid and Barbara Alving on February 2, 1993. Abstract: A quantitative method for determining the plasma levels of thrombin-specific inhibitors is based on the quantitative thrombin time using plasma dilutions, excess fibrinogen and thrombin. The plasma dilutions and excess fibrinogen act in concert to eliminate the effects that coagulopathies have on standard coagulation tests. The method is relatively simple and provides superior results to standard conventional tests. The method is suitable for performance in clinical hematology laboratories on a routine basis using commercially available instrumentation.Bibliographic UsageAmbriz-Fernandez, R., et al. Multiple cartilaginous exostoses in a family. Relation of its complications and association with coagulopathies appears in Gaceta Medica de Mexico written by R. Ambriz-Fernandez, A. Wilkins-Gamiz, F. Salamanca-Gomez, L. Nungaray-Camacho and J. Pizzuto-Chavez. Published in May - June 1985.Amosova, E. N., et al. The use of the autocoagulation test for the detection of coagulopathies in rheumatoid arthritis appears in Klinicheskaia Laboratornaia Diagnostika written by E. N. Amosova, M. A. Poroshenko and L. G. Karpovich. Published in September - October 1993.Angelici, A., et al. Coagulopathies in the postoperative course of the elderly patient appears in Annali Italiani di Chirurgia written by A. Angelici, G. Fillari and M. Pulcini. Published in 1982.Arcieri, R., et al. The impact of antiviral therapy with zidovudine: a retrospective study on HIV-positive hemophiliacs in Italy. Italian Group of Congenital Coagulopathies appears in Haematologica written by R. Arcieri, M. Puopolo, F. Baudo, F. Chiarotti, V. De Rosa, N. Schinaia, P. G. Mori and A. Ghirardini. Published in January - February 1995.Asatiani E., Kessler CM; Directors of the Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Centers in Region III. Authors of Multiple congenital coagulopathies co-expressed with Von Willebrand's disease: the experience of Hemophilia Region III Treatment Centers over 25 years and review of the literature, published in Haemophilia: the Official Journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia, vol. 13, no. 6, in November 2007.Atkins, P. J. Postoperative coagulopathies appears in Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America written by P. J. Atkins. Published in September 1993.Attilakos A., Katsarou E., Voudris K., Garoufi A. Authors of Valproate-associated coagulopathies are frequent and variable in children, published in Epilepsia, vol. 48, no. 1, p. 205-6, in January 2007.

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