Gonna Be a Better Day: How to Try to End Racism

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Trafford Publishing, Jul 13, 2010 - Humor
About the Songbook
Racism...it's still here...Ha!!!
Alive and well after all this time, racism must be feeling pretty good about itself. Well fasten your seat belt racism because this is the end of the road. Yep, that's right, the cure for your disease has been discovered and it can be found in this songbook. People have been fed up with racism for a long time now and
the people that want racism to continue will find themselves left out in the cold.
When Republican Party leaders go out of their way to distance themselves from any elationship to racist behaviors it is only a
matter of time before the demise of your Rush's and your Glenn's and your so-called gangs.
You will like and learn the lyrics to some of these songs so easily they will take on nursery rhyme appeal because of the timing and their goal, to make OUR world a better place.
We are the New Style Players. You and me. Here to make the world a better place. Now all that awaits is for the rest of the world to
believe what we believe! Ha!!!
Or maybe this one...
What's up New Style
It's time for a different way of life, or A new style. Personally, I've gotten tired of people doing the same things over and over with the same results, as if we haven't a clue how to
make things better.
That is a lie.
Racism has crept into every crack and corner of our globe and sometimes affects people without them knowing. I remember after a night of partying with friend, George Lewis, we called it a night and returned home. Well there was this group of about 10-15 Hispanic guys standing by their vehicles and as we exited our vehicle one guy began singing loudly in Spanish.
I can't speak Spanish but I had the suspicion they were singing about us, negatively, even though we did not know them. There was a lot of snickering heard but we ignored them.
Finally we reached the door when the vocalist blurted loudly
Su Negro!
As I said, I don't know Spanish but I'm not stupid either. This songbook's an effort to start a movement toward understanding and togetherness.
Keeping the faith.
It's gonna be a better day.

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