Good Food: Veggie Dishes: Triple-tested Recipes

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Random House, Jan 30, 2012 - Cooking - 216 pages

For exciting vegetarian recipe ideas, try Good Food 101 Veggie Dishes. Divided into Soups, Salads and Snacks; Light Meals; Pasta, Rice and Noodles; Main Courses; Dairy-free Dishes and Desserts, you're guaranteed to find a tasty vegetarian recipe for every occasion.

Whether you choose Lemon Butter Gnocchi, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Potato and Blue Cheese Gratin or Banana Muesli Toffee Crunch, every recipe has been tried and tested by the Good Food team to ensure fantastic results, every time you cook.

Taken from BBC Good Food Magazine, Britain's top cookery title, the recipes are all short and simple with easy-to-follow steps, using readily available ingredients and are accompanied by a full-colour photograph of the finished dish.


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Soups Salads Snacks
A velvety smooth soup with a dramatic colour but gentle flavour
Choose the least knobbly celeriac you can find to keep waste to a minimum
The rice will continue to absorb the stock after the soup is cooked If you reheat the soup you may need to add more stock
If you cant buy fresh lemongrass most supermarkets stock it minced in jars Substitute a teaspoon of this instead
Saffron lends a splash of sunshine colour and flavour to a simple leek soup topped with crispy leek rings
The flavours of tomatoes and white wine work really well with celery in this warm salad
A simple dish easily varied by adding peas fried mushrooms or sweetcorn
Cook the rice earlier in the day because it stir fries better when its cooled first
You could use leftover rice to make this tasty and colourful Indonesian fried rice mixture if it has been kept well chilled
A pack of egg noodles is a useful storecupboard item They cook quickly and are good with stir fries as well as in a warm salad
Tofu is bean curd It tastes bland but like chicken it is good at absorbing flavours from other ingredients
Look out for precooked vacuumpacked noodles that can be added straight to the wok without preboiling
Main Courses
Use tangy halffat crème fraîche or soured cream if you are unable to get hold of smetana

Tangy kumquats contrast with the earthy flavours of the mushrooms and sweet red onion
Use less salty Lancashire cheese in place of feta if you prefer
A freshtasting salad made from summer vegetables crumbly cheese and mint
Check the cheese counter in the supermarket for jars of marinated feta in oil Use the oil for the dressing
Choose a small soft goats cheese The rind is edible but discard the ends to make four matching slices
Use authentic Greek feta for the best flavour It keeps for about six months unopened in the fridge so its a great supper standby
The traditional combination of tomatoes olives and feta cheese is made more substantial by the addition of pasta
Tzatziki is Greek yogurt and cucumber salad usually eaten as a dip for pitta bread
Muffins make instant pizza bases Use pesto in place of pizza topping sauce if you have some handy
Grill the halloumi cheese until just golden and eat it immediately as it becomes chewy when it cools
Turn ordinary sliced white bread into garlicky crispbreads for these warm sandwiches
If you cant find purple sprouting broccoli use green broccoli cut into thin florets
You should find all these ingredients at the delicatessen counter Buy some good bread to go with it
Light Meals
This is a wonderfully creamy mixture yet the fresh flavours of the vegetables still shine through
Sounds strange but take the pan off the heat before you add the salad ingredients and youll love the freshtasting result
Blinis make brilliant bases for canapés and starters Try them with herby cream cheese tomatoes and rocket too
Sounds exotic but frozen stir fry vegetables plus coconut and Thai curry paste add up to a tasty Thaistyle meal
Curry can be deceivingly high in fat this version is packed with flavour and has only 5g fat per serving
A simple potato cake makes a welcome change from toast with your fried egg
Tapenade is a thick purée of olives capers garlic and olive oil but watch out for hidden anchovies
As the name suggests theres no pastry just chunky vegetables set in egg
A cut and come again tart which will keep in the fridge for up to three days
This couldnt be simpler just arrange the topping in neat rows on readyrolled puff pastry
The big mushrooms cook to a moist firmness under their cloak of peppers and melting goats cheese
This dish is perfect for easy entertaining on nights at home with friends
Remember that the mushrooms shrink during cooking You could use medium mushrooms and serve more
Readymade polenta is sold in large sausage or oblong shapes Not to be confused with quickcook polenta powder
Halloumi cheese can be toasted in a pan without much oil softening the cheese rather than melting it
Polenta slices are also good cooked on a hot oiled griddle turned once until pleasantly charred
Couscous just needs soaking so its the perfect accompaniment to a speedy pan fry
A simple but filling supper speeded up with help from the microwave
This tart can stretch to feed extra people with a big mixed salad and garlic bread
Pasta Rice Noodles
Quick and tasty and cooked in one pan so theres hardly any washing up
A simple sauce based on a can of beans from the storecupboard plus wine and cream for richness
Egg yolks and cream make one of the quickest and most delicious pasta sauces
Chilli lemon pine nuts and sultanas make bland pasta and cauliflower surprisingly tasty
Taleggio is a small rectangular Italian cheese that melts wonderfully over pasta
Pumpkin can be bland but here its spiced up with chilli sage and lemon zest
Dont bother with layering the lasagne in a dish this easy version is assembled on the plate
Using fresh pasta in this dish means theres no precooking needed
This pasta dish is perfect to have bubbling in the oven while you chat to your guests
Gnocchi are small Italian dumplings treated like pasta and served with a tasty sauce
Potato gnocchi bought vacuumpacked make a great fridge or freezer standby
This version is cooked in the microwave which cuts down the need for stirring
This ovenbaked risotto works beautifully and saves effort as you dont have to stand over it
Quickcook polenta is a great midweek standby Quark is a piquant cows milk curd cheese
Serve this saucy curry in deep bowls with spoonfuls of cooling fromage frais and warm bread for dunking
A filling tart delicious served hot or cold with salads
A substantial main course salad with spiced canned chickpeas and naan bread croûtons
Couscous only needs to be soaked before you eat it so its a useful accompaniment to colourful roasted vegetables
Most melting cheeses will taste great grilled on top of aubergine slices Try using brie for a change
Paneer is a hard Indian cheese that melts deliciously into the sauce Find it in supermarket chiller cabinets
This is a really tasty supper dish and its easily doubled to feed those hungry hordes
Instead of using bread dough this pizza base is made from quickcook polenta spread on a baking tray
Simple root vegetables combine with blue cheese to make a satisfying supper
This layered vegetable cake makes a perfect alternative to a roast joint Serve with a veggiefriendly gravy
Choose a soft rindless goats cheese for this recipe
Frozen puff pastry makes a quick case for a tangy salty filling
Buy a readymade pastry case to save time Try asparagus instead of the onions
Use your favourite curry paste rather than grind spices for this simple supper
Dairyfree Dishes
This rustic peasantstyle salad traditional to southern Italy is packed with the flavour of sunripened vegetables
Crisp crunchy textures with freshtasting flavours will make this speedy salad a firm favourite
A colourful winter salad with a deliciously nutty dressing
Use buckwheat soba noodles for extra flavour and colour although egg noodles would be good too
A delicious combination of roasted fennel and zesty orange served on a bed of herby wheat
So simple to make serve this freshtasting pâté with crusty bread for a snack or light lunch
If you havent got a griddle pan simply stir fry the vegetables and toast the bagel under a hot grill
Focaccia is a flat round Italian bread often sold flavoured with herbs olives or sundried tomatoes
The walnut mixture will keep in an airtight container for up to two days just reheat it in a dry frying pan
You can use any pasta shape but if you dont have any fresh available replace it with 350g12oz dried pasta
Big on flavour but short on effort this dish is suitable for vegans if you use eggfree pasta
This simple Thai dish of noodles and vegetables in a tasty broth makes a satisfying supper
This salad is a riot of colours and contrasting textures and its easily adapted to use whatever vegetables you have to hand
A simple way to make everyday vegetables taste out of the ordinary
This chilli uses readymade sweet red pepper sauce available from most supermarkets
This recipe is easily multiplied to feed a crowd The bean mixture can be made in advance and reheated
Vary the wine and lemon cream syllabub by the addition of different fruits in season
This light frothy mousse is at its best made with a highquality dark chocolate
Some supermarkets sell ready peeled and sliced fresh pineapple which will help to speed up this recipe
Cut the richness of the mascarpone Italian cream cheese by combining it with yogurt
A creamy yogurt ice with far fewer calories than regular ice cream Youll find dried cranberries in larger supermarkets
A light raspberry and orange mixture is layered with crunchy oat clusters to make a dairyfree dessert
Youll find dairyfree yogurt and cream cheese in large supermarkets or health food stores
A simple dessert with the luxurious flavour of saffron
Raid the fruit bowl and storecupboard to make this satisfying pud
This dessert looks spectacular but made with just four ingredients it has got to be one of the easiest to make
The addition of elderflower cordial to the gooseberry filling gives the crumble an extra zing
A lovely autumn pudding thats easily adapted to use most fruits in season Serve with pouring cream
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