Good God! Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Redhead?

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Humor - 200 pages
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If you had the chance to heal and live a journey of unimaginable proportions, would you?

SUNBLOOD is an extraordinary story that will change your life. SUNBLOOD lives an odyssey, not unlike Homer's Odyssey in its journey into the fantastical, or the Iliad, which deals with the truth of war in its tragedy and scope.

SUNBLOOD is the story of a woman poisoned by an organic radical compound, NDMA. A corporate by-product which launches a journey of epic and fantastical proportions, the poison of the NDMA creating a sensory psychic and empath with untold knowledge, a woman who had to become secluded from the world because of her ability to feel atomic energy in the form of people's diseases and the world's pain.

SUNBLOOD is the quest of a woman seeking to save her life, living a journey never before lived that brings a new understanding that will change the perceptions of 8 billion people with regard to politics, economics, medicine, religion, the environment, law and war.

If you could change one perception of 8 billion people, a perception that would change the face of life on this planet, would you?

Then read SUNBLOOD and you will have changed the world.

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