Government Procurement and Contracting: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, Ninety-first Congress, First Session, on H.R. 474, to Establish a Commission on Government Procurement, Part 5

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Page 1515 - ... procurements where it can be clearly demonstrated from the existence of adequate competition or accurate prior cost experience with the product, that acceptance of an initial proposal without discussion would result in fair and reasonable prices and where the request for proposals notifies all offerers of the possibility that award may be made without discussion.
Page 1396 - Cost analysis is the review and evaluation of a contractor's cost or pricing data (see § 3.8073) and of the judgmental factors applied in projecting from the data to the estimated costs, in order to form an opinion on the degree to which the contractor's proposed costs represent what performance of the contract should cost, assuming reasonable economy and efficiency.
Page 1414 - No matter how poor the quality, how late the product, and how high the cost, they know nothing will happen to them.
Page 1367 - Another component manufacturer insisted on 20 percent profit on a fixed price subcontract for the manufacture of existing design pumps for this submarine compared to the DOD average of 11.0 percent profit for this type contract. (c) Construction of the turbine electric drive submarine was delayed for about 6 months during the summer of 1968 by the civilian staff of the Secretary of Defense while they conducted additional studies. The reasons for the increase in the estimated cost of the two follow-on...
Page 1367 - Bids received by the shipbuilder for long lead-time components for the turbine electric drive submarine were more than anticipated due to higher labor and material costs and much higher profits insisted on by component manufacturers. For example, one component manufacturer insisted on 12-13...
Page 1367 - The sole source supplier of the main propulsion equipment, for the turbine electric drive submarine initially refused to bid on the design and manufacture of this equipment. Although the supplier finally agreed to accept the order, it became clear during the subsequent discussions with the supplier that the Navy would have to pay more than had been estimated for the main propulsion equipment for this submarine. 2. In the fall of 1968 the estimate was increased to $148.9 million. There were three...
Page 1297 - Procurement contracts awarded after formal advertising shall be of the firm fixed-price type, except that fixed-price contracts with escalation may be used where some flexibility is necessary and feasible.
Page 1302 - ... occurred since submission of the pre-negotiation clearance memorandum. Upon completion of negotiation, the post-negotiation business clearance memorandum shall set forth in detail the negotiation results obtained, in accordance with § 737.1-403-52. No commitment shall be made to a prospective contractor prior to obtaining the chief of Naval Material's approval of the post-negotiation business clearance memorandum.
Page 1502 - ... the contractor was unable to deliver conforming aircraft on the contract schedule. The response proposed an additional development effort to resolve existing technical problems, an a slip and stretch-out of several months in the production schedule. This proposal was reviewed by Army Materiel Command technical personnel and a group of the Nation's leading experts in rotary-wing aerodynamics. On the basis of this review the contracting officer and other Army officials concluded that Lockheed would...
Page 1502 - ... of an advanced armed helicopter promises significant contributions to the combat effectiveness of the Army. When we entered a contractual arrangement with Lockheed, combining a research and development program with production options, we accepted Lockheed's assurance, which then appeared reliable, that a contractor with Lockheed's resources would be able to accomplish the development objectives in sufficient time to begin production and delivery of fully conforming aircraft in accordance with...

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