Gracing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature ArticulatingGillian Hardress spoke with laborious precision, like a person struggling with a foreign language, and articulating each word to its least sound before laying tongue to its successor.ndash;James Branch Cabell in Domnei (A Comedy of Woman-Worship).Not articulating the words, but bowing his head affably, and forming them with his tongue and lips.ndash;Charles Dickens in Dombey and Son.Incapable absolutely of articulating, she left Mrs. Ingoldsby to cover her retreat, as well as she could, with weak nerves and sensibility.ndash;Maria Edgeworth in Tales and Novels, vol 5 (Tales of a Fashionable Life).Without power of articulating, Miss Georgiana Falconer fixed her eyes upon her mother for some moments.ndash;Maria Edgeworth in Tales and Novels, vol 7 (Patronage).People had indeed heard of the talking heads of antiquity, and seen the articulating machines of De Kempelen and Faber, with their artificial vocal organs and complicated levers, manipulated by an operator.ndash;John Munro in Heroes of the Telegraph.The sounds were extremely feeble, however, but the transmitting microphones proved the best articulating ones.ndash;John Munro in Heroes of the Telegraph.The articulating telephone was the forerunner of the phonograph and microphone, and led to their discovery.ndash;John Munro in Heroes of the Telegraph.He is close to the soil, and speaks the thoughts of the peasants, articulating their pleasures, their pains, and their superstitions.ndash;William Lyon Phelps in The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century.But when I hear some small creature carefully articulating its words, I am offended; the sound is disagreeable, and has to my ears the twang of slavery.ndash;Plato in Gorgias.Whenever it was necessary to reply to Mrs Crass's talk she found some difficulty in articulating the words and she knew she was not answering very intelligently.ndash;Robert Tressell in Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

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