Grampas Are for All Seasons

AuthorHouse, 20 nov 2002 - 560 pagina's
Know yourself. Change your world. We were never created to be depressed, addicted, ashamed, fearful, hopeless, abused, and downtrodden. We were born to walk with confidence, courageous, with authority, and with power...just like our Father (Genesis 1:27). This book will help you discover and walk in your God-given destiny. You will never again question your future and who you were created to be. "This book is a great resource for people that need to understand who they are in God and why God has placed them on this earth at this point in time. At a time when the church must understand the importance of equipping the saints to advance the Kingdom of God, this book is right on time and on point!" Efrem Smith Senior Pastor, The Sanctuary Covenant Church Author, Raising Up Young Heroes and the Hip Hop Church Testimonials "I have been saved over 23 years and have longed for a book like this. This is definitely God inspired, Holy Ghost used, and life changing! This is what so many of us have been waiting for. You have a diamond mine in your hands." "I love that the steps in this book are very simple but very powerful. I've never approached writing a vision statement from that angle! This book is truly a gift to people trying to find their way in life!" "Marius' approach to mission, purpose, and vision unlocked a passion I didn't know was there. Also, as my wife and I went through this book together, we found that our individual purposes were highly related. God joined us together for a reason! I believe that everyone needs to find his or her mission, purpose, and vision in order to have a fulfilled life. This is a simple, yet powerful way to do it."

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