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Use in Literature GrapplingCivil war was raging with bloodhound fury in France, Monarchists and Jacobins grappling each other infuriate with despair.ndash;John S.C. Abbott in Napoleon Bonaparte.To attain this cherished object was the chief labor of the delegates, for to the supreme court was to be intrusted the dangerous task of grappling with the representative chambers and enforcing the popular charter.ndash;Brooks Adams in The Emancipation of Massachusetts.But say, If thou yet other cords within thee feel'st That draw thee towards him; so that thou report How many are the fangs, with which this love Is grappled to thy soul.ndash;Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy, entire (tr H.F. Cary).Calcabrina, enraged at the flout, kept flying behind him, desirous that the sinner should escape, that he might have a scuffle; and when the barrator had disappeared he turned his talons upon his companion, and grappled with him above the ditch.ndash;Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy: Inferno (tr Norton).Brimfull of rage and choler, at his side, The Tartar held him, grappled by the mane.ndash;Ludovico Ariosto in Orlando Furioso.He lights and seeks her, who like wolf among The bushes, couched in thicket, waits the roe; She without more delay from ambush sprung, As he drew near, and grappled fast the foe.ndash;Ludovico Ariosto in Orlando Furioso.Now grappled from behind, now punched before, He stands, and plies the crowd with warfare sore.ndash;Ludovico Ariosto in Orlando Furioso.We do not expect, nor do we desire, that the world may see the fulfilment of the poet's dream, 'Argosies of magic sails' or 'Airy navies grappling in the central blue.ndash;J.M. Bacon in The Dominion of the Air.This poor fellow, thus mortally wounded, grappled with his assailant, and tugging the spear from his own wound, he drove it through the native's heart.ndash;Samuel White Baker in Ismailia.We are in October now; like a brave woman, you are grappling with winter first.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Letters of Two Brides.

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