Great Minds on India

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Penguin UK, Feb 15, 2013 - Literary Collections - 144 pages
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Indian culture and spiritualism have exerted a strong hold over the world’s greatest intellectuals—from psychologists like Carl Jung to poets like T.S. Eliot, from orators like Swami Vivekananda to philosophers like Sri Aurobindo, from statesmen like Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to writers like H.G. Wells. Compiled by Salil Gewali, Great Minds on India is a remarkable collection of the thoughts and views of these world-renowned opinion-makers on India’s cultural inheritance and glorious legacy.

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Comments by various intellectuals on “Great minds on India?”"This compilation is simply outstanding! I never knew that such a compilation exists and we all should be thankful to the author! These great quotes should be embossed on plaques and displayed on the walls of our Parliament, State Assembly Halls, and at all our educational institutions. Most importantly, the material should be made a compulsory reading for all the school students (elaborating more on ‘ who is who’ and the monumental contributions of these intellectual giants)."
Prof. A. V. Murali, Ph. D, Former NASA scientist, Houston, Texas
"Salil Gewali has lovingly compiled an excellent set of quotations that illustrate how highly great thinkers from all over the world valued Indian spiritual culture and how it transformed their lives. An inspirational read that reminds us of our amazing ancient heritage and why we need to incorporate it into our lives as modern Indians."
--- Prof Chitra Divakaruni, US based renowned writer, her famous novel, ‘The Mistress of Spices’ was released as a film directed by Paul Mayeda Berges starring Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott.
“Great minds on India” is a great book. More than an East/West philosophical encounter, this book reveals how the Upanishads and other Indian classics transformed the thinking of many western thinkers.
“Great minds on India” brings to light the ancient wisdom of the East, and reminds us in the West that spiritual knowledge, not the pursuit of pleasure, is the true source of happiness.”
—Robert Maldonado, Neuropsychologist, New York
All have got to go and read this amazing compilation by Salil Gewali. India is the land of my soul. The Vedas and Upanishads are the greatest wisdom of this universe. There is so much to discover in Indian philosophy. Thanks, the modern science has acknowledged that.
—— Agnes Goyvaerts, Huston, USA
‘This book communicates the great impact of Indian wisdom on the great thinkers throughout history. It has shown the impact of the ancient thought and wisdom on prominent intellectuals and influential people whose contributions to the world are immeasurable. One of its contributions is to place these related impacts in one book so that comparative studies on the impacts and thought can be made. One thing that impressed me so much about this book is its wide span of time and thinkers across history covering a broad spectrum of subjects. The profound importance of Indian wisdom is shown throughout by the greatest of the great rational thinkers. Undoubtedly, India has served as a beacon of light throughout time, and will continue to do so.’
--- Dr. Carolyn D. Heising, PhD, Nuclear Scientist, Iowa State University, USA
“It seems to me that one of the distinctions that can be usefully made between the East (beginning with India) and West (epitomized in the USA) is that the West has excelled at investigating and manipulating the Exterior world, while the East has specialized in understanding and transforming the Interior world. This book is a superb eye-opener.”
— Dr Kurt Bruder, Ph.D., M.Ed, Communication scholar, psychotherapist, writer, Jackson, Michigan
Hi Salil Gewali, I suddenly come upon your compilation on the internet and I thoroughly read it from the start to finish! No one can deny the vast expanse of eternal wisdom from beautiful Mother India. I can personally attest to my own self-perceived growth in immeasurable degrees, thanks to the Spiritual and Philosophical Sages and Geniuses she has gifted us with. Thank you so much for the enlightenment.
---Timothy Hart, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
“Congratulation for an excellent compilation. As other scholars my intense efforts in quest of real wisdom led me to Indian spiritualism. I can’t describe this experience, neither to show it. Every Act is Gratitude, Meditation, and Devotion now. I can live my humble vocation in Joy at every moment... the credit

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I find myself reading this book "Great Minds On India", again and again.
Each time finding new inspiration in the countless quotes and comments of many of the greatest minds of our history on the
knowledge and wisdom of the oldest civilization known - India.
Like India herself, the original publication of this book is extremely colorful.
The countless easy to read revelations are a source of unending wonder, prompting me to delve deeper into the mystery and wisdom of the ancient texts of the Upanishads and the Vedas to name but two.
To date, I have purchased many copies of "Great Minds On India" and presented them as gifts to countless colleagues and friends.
I believe it would benefit the collective consciousness of India if every school student and child were given a copy of this great book in order to re-establish the knowledge and pride within them, of the depth and importance of their immensely rich heritage
I am greatly impressed with the amount of research and work that has gone into this amazing compilation.
Linda Epton (Priyaratna) Yoga Teacher, Perth Australia


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