Greek Prose Composition: Exercises for Writing Connected Greek Prose ...

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Allyn and Bacon, 1889 - Greek language - 233 pages

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Page 13 - A Relative Pronoun agrees with its Antecedent in gender and number. Its case depends on its construction in the clause in which it stands.
Page 151 - ... butter used in cooking was rancid. This is the advantage of going in spring, or rather one of the many advantages, that both oil and butter (the latter is of course rare) were quite unobjectionable. When I say that butter was rare and eggs imported, I assume that the reader knows of the singularity of Athos, which consists in the absence of the greatest feature of human life — woman, and all inferior imitations of her in the animal world. Not a cow, not a goat, not a hen, not a cat, of that...
Page 30 - ... DEPENDENT MOODS. A. Not in Indirect Discourse. § 202. In the subjunctive and imperative, and also in the optative and infinitive when they are not in indirect discourse (§ 203), the tenses chiefly used are the present and aorist. 1. These tenses here differ only in this, that the present denotes a continued or repeated action, while the aorist denotes a simple occurrence of the action, the time of both being precisely the same. Eg...
Page 47 - Negative pij. (Y) irplv, meaning ' before,' takes the infinitive (regularly the aorist). To avoid ambiguity the following rule may be quoted : — " When irpiv must be translated ' before,' it must have the infinitive; when it may be translated ' until,' it may take the finite constructions of êwс,
Page 117 - SiaKpivaiv. that he be handed over to the executioners. And once when he was being prevented by the Athenians from speaking in the assembly, he said that he only wished to speak briefly to them, and when they became silent he said, " A young man in the summer time hired an ass to go from the city to Megara. When noon came and the sun was blazing fiercely, both he and the owner of the ass wished to lie down in its shadow. Each tried to prevent the other from so doing, the owner maintaining that he...
Page iv - Les Mots Grecs, groupés d'après la forme et le sens,' par Michel Bréal et Anatole Bailly, Paris, 1884), but poetical or rare words have been excluded unless introduced for especial reasons.

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