Greenhouse Gas Emissions Forecasting: Learning from International "Best Practices"

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National Round Table on the Environment & the Economy (NRTEE)/Table ronde nationale sur l'environnement et l'economie (TRNEE), 2008 - Greenhouse gas mitigation - 55 pages
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The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) is dedicated to exploring new opportunities to integrate environmental conservation and economic development, in order to sustain Canada's prosperity and secure its future. This report responds to key concerns highlighted by the (NRTEE) in its 2007 Response to its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act (2007 KPIA Response). Chief among those concerns were differing and inconsistent forecasting methods used among various federal departments to describe the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions accruing from a particular policy measure or initiative, leading to issues of additionality, free ridership, rebound effect, and policy interaction effects. The core of this report defines emissions forecasting best practices from methodological and governance perspectives. It concludes with a discussion on findings from case studies, along with detailed lessons for Canada, and specific conclusions on incorporating best practices in GHG emissions forecasting.--Document.

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