Greening The Black Gold: Saudi Arabia's Quest for Clean Energy

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Since the first industrial revolution, rising carbon emissions have caused harmful effects on our environment. There is a broad consensus that climate change is happening and that it is as a result of anthropogenic carbon emissions, primarily from burning fossil fuels. This raises concern for the future of our carbon-based world energy and world economy, particularly with economies heavily dependent on oil, such as Saudi Arabia. This book/dissertation aims to answer the question: How could Saudi Arabia, given its oil-based economy and vast oil reserves, respond to the challenges of climate change and the world's transitioning towards environmental sustainability, and away from fossil fuels. A Saudi sustainable carbon management 'system of innovation' (SSCMSI) was proposed. Given Saudi Arabia's heavy dependence on oil, which characterised its 'national system of innovation' (NSI) fabric, constructing an NSI around its energy sector was important. The proposed SSCMSI role includes: accelerating innovation in the energy sector, encouraging energy efficiency, accelerating the use of renewable energy, improving market conditions, supporting technology transfer from advanced economies, utilising international cooperation and mobilizing private sector investment in energy.

Autoren-Profil (2013)

NOURA YOUSSEF MANSOURI is a sustainable energy enthusiast from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After being awarded her PhD from Queen Mary, University of London, she joined AREVA, the French global leader in nuclear energy and major player in renewable energy, and continues to serve as the manager of strategy and marketing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to her full-time career, Noura is pursuing a part-time postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Noura holds an MBA in technology exploitation and management (clean energy) from Queen Mary, University of London. Her first degree is a BSc in Management Information Systems from Dar Al Hekma University. She has a postgraduate diplomatic training certificate from The Fletcher School, Tufts University. For more information:

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