Greenland, and Other Poems, Part 341

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Strahan and Spottiswoode, 1819 - Greenland - 250 pages
Largely an account of the history of the Moravian Church's missions to Greenland.

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Page 192 - The voice at midnight came ; He started up to hear, A mortal arrow pierced his frame He fell,— but felt no fear. Tranquil amidst alarms, It found him in the field, A veteran slumbering on his arms, Beneath his red-cross shield : His sword was in his hand, Still warm with recent fight ; Ready that moment at command, Through rock and steel to smite. It was a two-edged blade, Of heavenly temper keen; And double were the wounds it made, Where'er it...
Page 183 - HARK, the song of jubilee, Loud as mighty thunders roar, Or the fulness of the sea, When it breaks upon the shore : Hallelujah ! for the Lord God Omnipotent shall reign ; Hallelujah ! let the word Echo round the earth and main.
Page 184 - Yonder heavens have passed away ; Then the end ; beneath His rod Man's last enemy shall fall : Hallelujah ! Christ in God, God in Christ, is all in all.
Page 185 - New dominion every hour." 2 These through fiery trials trod ; These from great affliction came ; Now before the throne of God, Sealed with his...
Page 193 - The pains of death are past, Labour and sorrow cease, And, life's long warfare closed at last, His soul is found in peace. Soldier of Christ ! well done ; Praise be thy new employ ; And while eternal ages run, Rest in thy Saviour's joy.
Page 229 - The dead are like the stars by day ; Withdrawn from mortal eye, But not extinct, they hold their way In glory through the sky...
Page 180 - I ask'd the Earth ; — the Earth replied aghast, " 'Twas Man; — and such strange pangs my bosom rent, That still I groan and shudder at the past.
Page 165 - SPENCER his course began ; From strength to strength, from grace to grace, Swiftest and foremost in the race, He carried victory in his face ; He triumph'd as he ran. How short his day...
Page 169 - Man lieth down, no more to wake, Till yonder arching sphere Shall with a roll of thunder break, And Nature disappear.
Page 231 - With One who lived of old, my song In lowly cadence rose ; To One who is unborn, belong The accents of its close : Ages to come, with courteous ear, Some youth my warning voice may hear ; And voices from the dead should be The warnings of eternity. When these weak lines thy presence greet. Reader ! if I am blest, Again, as spirits, may we meet In glory and in rest : If not, — and / have lost my way, Here part we ; — go not Thou astray : No tomb, no verse my story tell ! Once, and for ever, Fare...

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