Greying: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature GrayingLocks of graying hair straggled from beneath her disarranged white cap, and she glared at me from a lean, sallow face with a pair of terrified eyes.ndash;Marion Polk Angellotti in The Firefly Of France.He moved out of the shadow, walking rapidly toward the graying east.ndash;Ambrose Bierce in Can Such Things Be?.And with you I have no more concern, for it is I that am leaving you forever. Join with your graying fellows, then! and help them to affront the clean sane sunlight, by making guilds and laws and solemn phrases wherewith to rid the world of me.ndash;James Branch Cabell in Jurgen (A Comedy of Justice).It was in the first graying light of July dawn that Peter dragged himself up the rough side of a ridge and looked down into a narrow strip of plain on the other side.ndash;James Oliver Curwood in The Flaming Forest.He stared into the graying murk of the night and the fog.ndash;Holman Day in When Egypt Went Broke.There in a graying blur was the record of her first kiss, faded as its intimate afternoon, on a rainy veranda seven years before.ndash;F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Beautiful and the Damned.He was a stout, short man of fifty, with a bald spot showing under a mop of graying curls, and a bushy moustache also streaked with gray.ndash;Kathleen Norris in The Story Of Julia Page.May was a thin, bent, sickly looking woman now, her graying hair hanging in a loose coil over her cotton wrapper.ndash;Kathleen Norris in The Story Of Julia Page.His crisp dark hair is graying at the temples.ndash;Eugene O'Neill in The First Man.Only a mass of black and graying coals greeted her.ndash;Eleanor Hodgman Porter in Miss Billie Married.

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