Gringo on a Chicken Bus

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Gringo on a Chicken Bus details the unforgettable and delightful experiences of David Koons as he begins the adventure of a lifetime with a move to Central America in 1978 to accept a job as the new assistant director of an archaeological foundation in Guatemala City.

While growing up in rural Indiana, the author had never experienced an enormous city without the safety net of friends or family. He shares the fascinating details of how he embarked on a journey as a young man to war-torn Central America with only rudimentary Spanish skills, ultimately testing his confidence and self-esteem in ways he never imagined possible. As he takes his first ride on a chicken bus, where not only suitcases are stored in the luggage rack, but also eggs, cans of gasoline, and of course, chickens, David realizes he is in for several eye-opening experiences over the next few years while living in Central America.

With a humorous and appealing voice, Koons offers an entertaining look into a culture with colorful traditions, a resilient welcoming people, and a countryside rich in Mayan archeology.

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