Grow Marijuana Weed Indoor or Outdoor: Easy Growing Medical Cannabis

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Dec 20, 2012 - Cooking - 116 pages
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Grow Marijuana Weed Indoor or Outdoor is a guide based on facts accumulated over the past ten years. The author Brad Ramsay has based this book on both practical experience and historical evidence. The book is highly informative providing a complete review of Marijuana, its uses, its benefits and risk and a system to easily grow your own discretely. The book reviews the reasons why Marijuana became an illegal substance going back as far as King James I in 1619 ordering the colonists to grow over a 100 plants for export back to England for both its narcotic use and for its hemp. From then until now Marijuana has had its brushes with the law and it is only recently that the weed’s benefits outweigh possible abuse. Indoor growing of Marijuana has its own sets of challenges which, if not understood, make growing of this weed problematic. Many factors affect Marijuana growing specifically heat, light, humidity and watering all need to be fully understood before growing Marijuana indoors. Pesky bugs must be recognized and controlled before they damage your plants. Outdoor or outside growing of Marijuana requires understanding of your climate specifically as it relates to daytime/nighttime temperatures, watering and bugs. Positioning of your Marijuana plant in your yard is also important to balance direct sunlight with shade as well as being discrete. This book explains how to setup and maintain a healthy a growing environment without spending a fortune from start right through to harvesting of Marijuana Whether growing Marijuana indoors or outdoors you need to be aware of the legal implications while the value of Marijuana is better understood by the legal authorities. Until then caution should be exercised in all forms of Marijuana growing whether for medical or recreational use or for the production of Hemp. There are also risks and benefits involved with all forms of natural or artificial compounds, these need to be understood. This book clearly identifies what are the potential benefits balanced with the risks with using Marijuana. This book explains it all; Don’t Grow Eat or Smoke Marijuana until you read this book!

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Simple Easy to follow instuctions on how to grow the different strains of marijuana plants. Brad also provides a simple historical perspective on Marijuana from a US perspective. This book will both enlighten and teach. Good read

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About the author (2012)

 Will Thomas McCleat - W.T. McCleat

Will was born in the Midwestern in the late fifties.  He lived his early years on a farm.  Will was around farm animals from an early age.  He, at an early age on watched cattle, pigs and sheep mount the other.  Of course the answer when asked always came back saying they were making babies.   His interest in farm like waned along with the puzzlement generated of a Veterinarian’s use of a knife on a squealing pig.    In his late but informative years he went to public school with the farm community values defining the curriculum.  Strict and immovable subjects that prepared students for the basics.    At the tender age of fourteen like many girls and boys he had his first sexual experience with a girl.   That conquest continued to excite him to this day.  

At twenty-one after graduating from college he was commissioned and reported to flight school.  Receiving his wings eighteen months later where he went to a real squadron to learn how to fly a combat airplane.  He soon transitioned to the new OV-10A used in reconnaissance and forward air controller missions.   For a small town country boy the assignments took him to exotic parts of the world where he learnt not only the art of war making, but loved to observe the exotic cultures with varied rituals even in lovemaking.

In the early 90’s Will’s plane was shot down and as a result lost a leg and was discharged from the military.  He retired back to the Midwest to a small house overlooking a river valley.    As with all injured military, Will struggled to find a new life for himself.  His ability to retain and recall information and with his fascination in the rituals of other cultures especially with their openness to sex and sexual experiences pushed him to start to write.  Will decided to build a career as an author and self publisher.   

Will’s books are built upon first hand personal experience and about stories he recalled from others.    He successfully blends his own experience in novels that are hot and steamy from page one.  Will is now a successful writer and has many novels to his name.  He still lives in his small house overlooking that still beautiful river valley and tending to his floral garden where he gets the inspiration for his new and erotic escapades.

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