Guide to the Land Law of Victoria

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Harrison, 1862 - Land tenure - 31 pages
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Page 5 - ... acres. These farms could be selected by any person of either sex who was of age and domiciled in Victoria, provided he or she appeared personally before the land officer and made a statutory declaration, equivalent to an affidavit, that the land was selected for his or her own use and benefit, and not as agent for any other person. A selector prepared to occupy and cultivate the land was alone entitled to select, and the Act contained the most careful and elaborate provisions to punish anyone...
Page 17 - Injuriously affected thereby." (b) Nature of grant. A railroad company to which a right-of-way is granted does not secure a full and complete title to the land on which the right-of-way is located. It obtains only the right to use the land for the purposes for which it is granted and for no other purpose, and may hold such possession, if it is necessary to that use, as long and only as long as that use continues. The Government conveys the fee simple title In the land over which the...
Page 15 - maize" as a useful plant not generally "known — that wonderful cereal which is the prime resource of the settler in the American prairie,
Page 19 - ... shall, upon a summary conviction before two justices of the peace in England or the sheriff in Scotland, be liable to a penalty not exceeding 5 for the first offence, and to a penalty not exceeding 10 for the second or any subsequent offence...
Page 3 - As soon as Australia became her own law-giver, she passed, of course laws favourable to the settlers, but the squandering of the land, already accomplished by the English Government, stands in the way. 'The first and main object at which the new Land Act of 1862 aims is to give increased facilities for the settlement of the people.
Page 7 - ... power to appoint not more than three arbitrators, who shall neither be ratepayers in the territory or school section concerned, nor members of the municipal councils concerned, and such arbitrators shall have all the powers of arbitrators appointed under section 87, and the decision of a majority of them shall be final and conclusive.
Page 11 - A section (one square mile) of each area was to be reserved for public purposes, in order that churches, schools, savings banks, mechanics' institutes, courts, post offices, public gardens, baths, markets, and other agencies of civilization might in good time follow the settler.
Page 17 - To cut dig and take away any live or dead timber bark gravel stone limestone salt guano shell seaweed sand loam brick or other earth.
Page 27 - Mixed husbandry of this kind is, in my opinion, the only system that can be profitably pursued in this or any other thinly peopled country, where, from the great distance from market, a large portion of the produce, too bulky to be transported, must be consumed by stock on the farm and put into the more exportable shape of wool and fat stock.
Page 6 - ... and the first year's rent of a farm of eighty acres, it will be seen that a homestead is rendered accessible to every resident in Victoria.

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