Guiding Alice

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Blushing Books Publications, 2010 - Fiction
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Most of our offerings on Romantic Spankings are as the name implies - romantic novels and novellas. Guiding Alice, by one of our most popular authors Alice Liddell, is a more traditional kind of spanking story, that of old-fashioned guardian and ward discipline. For those of you who have been asking for more of this sort of story, Guiding Alice is for you. This novella features traditional hard spanking with no romantic or sexual overtones.Life changes drastically for eighteen year old Alice when she is sent from Los Angles to England to live with her very proper British uncle, a man with decidedly old-fashioned ideas about what is -- and what is not -- suitable for young ladies. Matters between them would have come to a head eventually and of their own accord, but it is a sternly worded letter from the headmistress of Alice's new junior college that forces her uncle's hand, as it were.After an initial disciplinary session over that letter, and one that comes as a great shock to Alice as she never imagined her uncle would ever actually spank her, Christopher Hardacre lays down the law. He informs his niece in no uncertain terms that she may expect frequent punishments if she doesn't follow his rules, and that her bottom will be laid bare each and every time. The clothing Alice brought from Los Angeles must go, Uncle Chris decrees, replacing them with items she finds completely childish, and makeup is heretofore strictly forbidden. Alice will speak politely, use good manners and adhere to an intolerably early bedtime.The strict regime he has imposed is intended entirely for Alice's own good, and the truth is that despite considerable discomfort to her derriere, Alice feels happier and more loved than she ever has before. Uncle Chris also discovers something about himself, which is that he feels fulfilled when effecting positive change on a loved one's life. When it is time for Alice to leave, Mr. Hardacre wonders if it's time to marry his long-time lady friend, Diana. But would she ever agree to the terms he now understands he must seek?This story, rich in the details we all love, features plenty of hard bare-bottom spankings with a variety of implements, including strap, tawse, paddle and, of course a man's strong bare hand. Naturally, it also includes instructive humiliations such as being forced to stand skirt up and panties down while awaiting a punishment; a good soapy mouth washing, and submitting to a rectal thermometer. There is also a lengthy disciplinary session culminating in a desperation-inducing punishment enema.

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