Guild Papers: Contributed by Officers of Various Church Guilds

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Church Guilds' Union - Guilds - 161 pages

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Page 121 - Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.
Page 123 - ... are that eight years after the descent of the Holy Spirit, it required a vision, and a providential indication, and withal a direct injunction of the Holy Ghost, to induce St. Peter to accept and act upon the truth, that the Gentiles were to be no more regarded as strangers and foreigners, but to become fellow-citizens with the saints and of the household of God.
Page 72 - The spirit of impartial investigation of facts unswayed by irrelevant emotions has given us great advances in the sciences. Its triumphs will be even greater when it is applied to the most important affairs of life. We look forward to the day when we shall be able to discuss and settle such questions as Tariffs, Public vs.
Page 24 - Brentano considers was called forth by their want of protection against the abuse of power on the part of the lords of the town, who tried to reduce the free to the dependence of the unfree, and, by imposts and 'otherwise, to encroach on the freemen's earnings.
Page 39 - Union,, in whose name I bid you welcome here this night, I have only to say that it is a voluntary Association of Guilds and similar Societies in the Church of England desirous of helping each other in the furtherance of the good works which are set before them...
Page 48 - Garlickhith .... for amendment of their lives and of their souls, and to nourish more love between the brethren and sisteren of the brotherhood, and each of them hath sworn upon the book to perform the points underneath written according to their power.
Page 17 - The family appears as the first Gild, or at least as an archetype of the Gilds. Originally, its providing care satisfies all existing wants ; and for other societies there is therefore no room. As soon, however, as wants arise which the family can no longer satisfy — whether on account of their peculiar nature, or in consequence of their increase, or because its own activity grows feeble — closer artificial alliances immediately spring forth to provide for them, in so far as the State does not...
Page 34 - Chaplain as be would now be called) used to read out from the pulpit the names of the departed and say, " Of your devout charity ye shall pray for all the brethren and sisters of the Guild of our glorious Saviour Jesus Christ and of Blessed Virgin and Martyr S. Barbara founded in S. Katherine's Church...
Page 37 - A case of pure wholesale robbery and plunder, done by an unscrupulous faction to satisfy their personal greed, under cover of law. No more gross case of wanton plunder is to be found in the history of all Europe ; no page so black in English history.
Page 93 - President, two or more Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary, and not more than twenty-one elected Members of the Society.

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