Guiliano Imports: A Erotic Tale of Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The Nazca Plains Corporation - Fiction - 169 pages
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 This tale of homoerotic slavery has it all: an Italian count who is fascinated with Roman-style litters and the muscular slaves that power those litters along with servicing guests at his Roman style orgies; an English esquire whose estate features “Slavemobiles” and whose guests are accustomed to use of the estate slaves whenever they want; a family of shrewd entrepreneurs who run a highly successful slave training and premium sales facility on an uncharted remote Greek island; and a 5th generation Arabian sheik whose family has a monopoly on slave sales with his country and who operate a prolific slave breeding farm to supply their auction barns. Intertwined in this tale are two very expensive epitomes of manhood, Sergei, a Polish slave, and Santos, an Italian slave, who end up happily being owned by all of these characters at one time or another and who themselves supervise and use whole squads of young slaves (including a rogue slave from the streets of England who has to be “broken” to his whole new status in life) purchased by their masters not only for their beautiful bodies, handsome faces, prodigious equipment, and willing attitude, but also for their high level of sexual training which practically guarantees total satisfaction to all who use them.

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