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Page 131 - Up to the stirrups of the steed that day the red blood ran, Unto the silken girdle of many a fighting man ; Horses and heroes swam, steed by steed, and hero hero by, And we flew up hungry and thirsty, the vultures of the sky ; We fed on human flesh, we drank our fill of human blood : My wings were wet.
Page 172 - Ye Turks, mar not my plowing!" he answered them again. "Plow not the tsar his highway, Prince Marko," they said anew. "Ye Turks, mar not my plowing!
Page 150 - sister,' or sometimes by two of different sex as brother and sister. The brother, in that case, would be a relative of the girl, too near in blood, according to Servian usage, to marry or admit of any but fraternal affections between the two. It would be sacrilege and illegal for them to marry. This system is and was the literal application of the Christian principle of 'brotherhood,' developed into an institution during the bitterest times of oppression by a foreign foe. Two young men going into...
Page 11 - Catholic" Latin alphabet, has long since been adopted as the Servian official orthography. Few writers of books have had so great an influence, or an influence so purely beneficent, on the life of their nation as had Vuk Stefanovich Karajich. Some explanation is needed of the pronunciation of the Servian proper names. No simple transliteration can correctly indicate the native pronunciation; that here adopted seems open to as few objections as any other. The vowels and diphthongs should be given...
Page 90 - Sister, I cannot break my faith with the lord of thee and me, For thou wast not at the swearing, nor knowest what curse was laid On the voyvoda or henchman that Tsar Lazarus betrayed: " 'Who springeth of a Servian house, in whom Serb blood doth run, Who cometh not to battle at Kosovo, may he never have a son, And no child of his heart whatever! May naught grow under his hand, Neither the yellow liquor, nor the white wheat in the land! May he like iron be rusted, and his stock dwindle alway!' "And...
Page 3 - Servian biographer, states that the "great noble" who killed Murad was "slandered to his lord by envious tongues as wishing to betray him." An anonymous Italian writer (about 1500) tells how on the eve of battle Lazar reproached Milosh with wishing to betray him...
Page 18 - While the three lords were pledging, upon them came the night, And straightway they departed unto their houses white. They spent the lordly evening, and went each man to bed; And— a marvel!— Vukashin brake the pledge, and told the wife he wed: "Hearest thou, my dear love now, that troth to me hast sworn ! Go not thou to the Boyana with the masons' dinner tomorn. Thou wilt perish; they will wall thee into the wall of the tower.
Page 23 - ... jest'. In a sudden agony of realization she begs that they leave a window for her eyes and one for her breast that she might see and feed her babe. They grant her prayer. After seven days, her voice was gone, but she suckled her babe for a year. The fortress held — the vila had been appeased, and 'yea, even to-day, the white milk flows, for a miracle most high and a healing draught for women, whereof the breasts are dry'.

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