HSK 2 Grammar Workbook: Chinese Sentence Structure

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This book consists of over 1100 sentences, written with only HSK 2 Vocabulary words. Purpose of this book is to get you familiarise with the Chinese sentence structure/word order.

Even as a beginner, you should start to learn about the Chinese sentence structure. Using sentences as your base gives you the benefit of learning how to speak straight away. You will also be learning about how tones are put together in the sentence and how words interact within sentences.

HSK 2 Grammar Workbook will help you practise forming proper Chinese sentences with vocabulary that you are already familiar with. Even if you get a lot of sentence structure wrong in the beginning, but as you go along, you will learn from your mistakes and get better. This is definitely more fun than purely memorising the grammar rules.

We find reading will also help in your learning progress. You should check out the HSK Storybook series, which are also written with the respective HSK level words. Please go to www.allmusing.net to download sample chapters and audio files.

There is an online version of these exercises available at www.allmusing.net/hsktest/


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