Habeeb the Beloved: A Tale of Life in Modern Syria

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Westminster Press, 1913 - Syria - 100 pages

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Page 91 - The woman with whom he had been living at the time of his committal, was at the date of his release cohabiting with another and younger bully. Having ascertained this, the "ticket-of-leaver" went to her lodgings, and, finding her standing in the doorway,
Page 21 - That night as he went to rest his only comfort was in the Book, but the way looked very dark ahead of him and he could not understand the desertion of his faithful wife. Before dawn next morning he was aroused by a noise at the door, but for some time he pretended to be asleep. At last he called out, in a gruff voice, "Who's there?" His heart almost ceased to beat as a woman's voice responded, broken by sobs: "It is your wife, come back to you. Please let me in.
Page 13 - One day, while working at the loom, he heard that t is ] the colporteur was in town. Saying that he was going to repair a water pipe, he slipped from the house and hastened to the public room of the sheik's house, where it is the custom for strangers to go. To his surprise and chagrin, he found his father there, in heated argument with the colporteur.
Page 14 - ... hoping to escape notice. After a time he was seen and reprimanded by his father. To conceal his real interest in the Word and his sympathy with the colporteur, he joined his father in the argument, denouncing the heretical position of the evangelicals. Such infrequent opportunities of learning...
Page 17 - AFTER careful study of the Bible, Habeeb found it impossible to continue his former share in the worship of the Greek Church, and his conscience told him he should make his position clearly understood.
Page 23 - Habeeb's father that he must take the most strenuous measures to reclaim his recreant son, or else make an example of him for the benefit of others.

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