Hack Proofing ColdFusion

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Elsevier, Apr 25, 2002 - Computers - 512 pages

The only way to stop a hacker is to think like one!

ColdFusion is a Web application development tool that allows programmers to quickly build robust applications using server-side markup language. It is incredibly popular and has both an established user base and a quickly growing number of new adoptions. It has become the development environment of choice for e-commerce sites and content sites where databases and transactions are the most vulnerable and where security is of the utmost importance. Several security concerns exist for ColdFusion due to its unique approach of designing pages using dynamic-page templates rather than static HTML documents. Because ColdFusion does not require that developers have expertise in Visual Basic, Java and C++; Web applications created using ColdFusion Markup language are vulnerable to a variety of security breaches.

Hack Proofing ColdFusion 5.0 is the seventh edition in the popular Hack Proofing series and provides developers with step-by-step instructions for developing secure web applications.

  • Teaches strategy and techniques: Using forensics-based analysis this book gives the reader insight to the mind of a hacker
  • Interest in topic continues to grow: Network architects, engineers and administrators are scrambling for security books to help them protect their new networks and applications powered by ColdFusion
  • Unrivalled Web-based support: Up-to-the minute links, white papers and analysis for two years at solutions@syngress.com

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Chapter 2 Securing Your ColdFusion Development
Chapter 3 Securing Your ColdFusion Tags
Chapter 4 Securing Your ColdFusion Applications
Chapter 5 The ColdFusion Development System
Chapter 6 Configuring ColdFusion Server Security
Chapter 7 Securing the ColdFusion Server after Installation
Chapter 8 Securing Windows and IIS
Chapter 9 Securing Solaris Linux and Apache
Chapter 10 Database Security
Chapter 11 Securing Your ColdFusion Applications Using ThirdParty Tools
Chapter 12 Security Features in ColdFusion MX
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