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HAIG by BRIG.GEN. J. CHARTERIS CONTENTS Chapter I. The Haig family birth, Eight June, 1861 early schooldays Clifton Brasenose College, Oxford Sandhurst, 1883 a prophecy 9th Hussars regimental officer in India A.D.G. to Inspector General of Cavalry Staff College, 1896 another prophecy. Chapter II. Active service in Soudan attracts Kitcheners attention brevet majority Brigade Major at Aldershot beginning of association with John French South Africa Boer War Colesberg Campaign relief of Kimberley in command of mobile columns rewards defects in Army. Chapter III In command iyth Lancers at Edinburgh A.D.C. to H.M. King Edward VII again with Lord Kitchener, as InspectorGeneral of Cavalry in India Staff tours Cavalry Studies Indian Staff College marriage at War Office association with Haldane organisation of B.E.F. organisation of Territorial Army of forces overseas. Chapter IV Chief of General Staff in India training of Army views on strategical doctrine employment over seas of Army in India CommanderinChief at Aldershot the Curragh incident life at Aldershot, Chapter V The murder at Serajevo the Council of War Haigs view opening moves of the Great War in command of 1st Corps the retreat from Mons danger of capture by Germans the advance to the Aisne doubts as to French action the battle of the Aisne the battle of Ypres the crisis New Years Eve, 1914 in command of 1st Army the battle of Neuve Chapelle Festubert: the battle of Loos the misuse of Reserves visit from Lord Kitchener resignation of Sir John French appointment as Commanderin Chief British Army in France Chapter VI Lord Kitcheners instructions to Haig as Commander inChief Haigs analysis of the situation meeting with Joffre a comparison of the two leaders Allied plan for 1916 Verdun the battle of the Somme the introduction of tanks criticism of the battle Haig at the end of the year. Chapter VII Repercussions of the battle of the Somme rise of General Nivelle the Calais Conference the battle of Arras the catastrophe to the French on the Aisne Haigs advice sought and given the battle of Messines the fateful postponement of the summer attack the battle in Flanders criticism rife the Italian disaster the battle of Cambrai the German counterattack at Cambrai dismissal of Sir William Robertson and appointment of Sir Henry Wilson as C.I.G.S. Haigs misgivings as to future leadership. Chapter VIII. Haigs anticipation of probable German strategy preparations for defence the German assault the battle of Amiens Pe tains dangerous decision Haigs request for a Generalissimo Doullens Conference appointment of Foch as Generalissimo the battle of the Lys the Backs to the Wall order the end of German offensive against British the Anniversary Service on 4th August, 1918. Chapter IX Haigs conception of scope of Allied attacks the second battle of Amiens conflicting views of Haig and Foch Haigs plan accepted battles of Bapaume and Arras the Hindenburg line described timorous Councils in London Haigs tactical plan the piercing of the Hindenburg line battles of Lille and Courtrai German Army beaten to its knees vindication of Haigs judgment. Chapter X. The Armistice honours and rewards resolve to devote his life to exService men Mansion House meeting Information of the British Legion and British Service League at Bemersyde Haigs death and burial. CHRONOLOGY 1861 - Birth of Douglas Haig. 1885 - First Commission in the yth Hussars. 1896 - Staff College. 1898 - Soudan Campaign. 1899 - Brigade Major, Cavalry Brigade, Aldershot. 1900 - South African Campaign. 1903 - InspectorGeneral of Cavalry in India. 1905 - Marriage. 1906 - War Office. 1909 - Chief of General Staff, India. 1912 - G.O.C.inC.3 Aldershot Command. 1914 - G.O.C. ist Corps, B.E.F. Retreat from Mons. Battle of the Aisne. Battle of Ypres. 1915 - G.O.C. ist Army, B.E.F. Battle of Neuve Chapelle. Battle of Loos. ETC.

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