Hakluytus posthumus, or, Purchas his Pilgrimes: contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and lande travells by Englishmen and others, Volume 14

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J. MacLehose and Sons, 1906 - Voyages and travels
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Page 397 - I intend to shew you the whole proceeding of the voyage in a word : as namely, there is no passage, nor hope of passage in the North of Davis Streigths, wee having coasted all or neere all the Circumference thereof, and finde it to be no other
Page 417 - And also he said, that he being entred thus farre into the said Strait, and being come into the North Sea already, and finding the Sea wide enough every where, and to be about thirtie or fortie leagues wide in the mouth of the
Page 9 - it is so) that a passage may bee assoone attayned this way, by the Pole, as any unknowne way whatsoever, by reason the Sun doth give a great heat in this climate ; and the Ice, I meane that that freezeth here, is nothing so huge as I have scene in 73. degrees.
Page 408 - Westward, so that a North-east and by East, is true North, and so of the rest. Also this Sound seemeth to bee good for the killing of Whales, it being the greatest and largest in all this Bay. The cause wherefore we minded to stand to this
Page 396 - before you, that you goe so farre Southerly as that you may touch the North part of Japan, from whence or from Yedzo, if you can so compasse it without danger, we would have you to bring home one of the men of the Countrey, and so God blessing you with all expedition to make your returne home againe.
Page 66 - Lord James by the grace of God, King of great Brittaine, France, and Ireland, whose Royall Armes are here set up, to the end that all people who shall here arrive may take notice of his Majesties Right and Title to this Countrey, and to every part thereof. God save King James.
Page 118 - above ground, and two fadome broad, for him to goe from one Church to the other with his Princes and nobles from the presse of the people, which were in number infinite, and some at that time pressed to death with the throng. As the Emperor returned out of the Churches, they were
Page 118 - of purpose was cast among the people in great quantitie. The Lord Boris Pheodorowich was sumptuously and richly attired, with his garments decked with great orient pearle, beset with all sorts of precious stones. In like rich manner were apparelled all the family of the Godonovaes in their degrees, with the rest of the Princes and
Page 418 - content to goe into England, and serve her Majestic in that voyage for the discoverie perfectly of the North-west passage into the South Sea, and would put his life into her Majesties hands to performe the same, if shee would furnish him with onely one ship of fortie tunnes burden and a Pinnasse,
Page 116 - of their Church : that done, they went thence to the Church called Michael the Archangell, and there also used the like prayers, and service : and from thence to our Lady Church, Prechista, being their Cathedrall Church. In the middest thereof was a chaire of majestic placed, wherein his Ancestors used to sit at such extraordinary times : his

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